Coming Round to the Idea

latent phase of labour

Although it was a massive shock when I peed on that stick last weekend, it didn’t take long to get used to the idea of becoming a party of five. Rather than get caught up in the potential negatives, I’ve been thinking of all the things that are great about having another baby.

– he or she will born in Feb 2014, the month that also marks mine and hubby’s ten year anniversary of meeting. Pretty special!

– our 16 month old can come out of nursery as soon as I go on mat leave, and not have to go back until she is three. Our nursery only has two rooms: under threes and over threes. Unfortunately the little ones often outgrow the under three room before they are allowed to go into the over three room. We kept our 4yo at nursery one day a week when she was this age and she didn’t particularly enjoy it. I’ve always said if I had my time again I would have pulled her out when I went on mat leave and now I get to do just that

– we were thinking of getting the girls bunk beds and moving them into the same room anyway. Now we can make bunk beds their christmas present and get them excited about the prospect

– although an exact two year age gap might not be ideal in some respects, I think my little one will cope better with having a younger sibling than my big one did at 2y7m

– a few of my other friends have just had their third baby so I will not be alone in the three kid club

– I get to go on mat leave again and have a year off work 🙂

Can you relate to this? I’d love to know what your first thoughts were on discovering a not entirely planned addition to the family…


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3 thoughts on “Coming Round to the Idea

  1. Sounds like you have it all planned and that you will all have loads of fun over the coming months getting ready for your new arrival. x

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