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Clara at 20 Months: Learning to Scoot

My 20mo amazes me every single day. She gets the hang of things so much quicker than her sister did at her age, and in many respects still does. I think the second sibling (especially if they’re the same sex) benefits greatly from the older one.

A good example is that we bought our 4yo a lovely wooden toy kitchen and all the accessories for her second birthday. It has been played with every single day since, and is still very much her favourite thing. The little one has been playing with it since she was able to cruise the furniture at nine months. A whole 15 months before we even had it in the world of 4yo.


The same has happened with 4yo’s scooter. She didn’t have it until she was almost three, yet her sister started playing with it before she could even walk. Last week she hopped on it and has been tentatively riding it here and there since.

This morning after the school run, she rode it all the way home. Granted it took about twenty mins to get back rather than just five, and she did fall off a couple of times, but she picked herself up instantly and got straight back on the horse as it were. It was really fab seeing the joy on her face!

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  1. Gives you a heart attack doesn’t it. She flew up the big kids climbing frame at the playpark yesterday – our 4yo has only been confident on it for a year!! It’s lovely to watch the smaller one explore, although they tend to be a lot more adventurous than their older siblings. They will more than likely be the ones sneaking out to parties when they’re teenagers 😉

  2. My boy loves his scooter too and scares me on it! My youngest is also picking things up quicker.

    Thank you for linking up with #FridayFun

  3. I don’t know if it’s that they pick things up more quickly or that the things are there for them to use at n earlier age. My youngest always wants what his big brother has, or is doing, or got as a gift. What we bought “when it was age appropriate” for our eldest, our youngest could play with already…
    But the first scooter ride is really a fun and magical moment 🙂 It is one of those “oh my god he’s not a baby anymore” moments (at least it was for me).
    Great post 🙂

  4. I remember my second daughter wanted to be involved in everything all the time. Didn’t want to be the one left out. Scooting is pretty amazing for 20 months (cute shoes!)

  5. Thanks Karen xx

  6. Our second is so fearless, which is great in a way but often gives you a heart attack at the same time 😉

  7. Ah, scooters are great!
    I agree, second and subsequent children definitely pick things up quicker.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids x

  8. My second seems to suddenly do something new and I realise he’s copied his big sister. I swear he doesn’t realise he’s little and thinks he is just as big as she is.

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