Christmas Tree: Are You in the Real or Fake Camp? #ad

christmas tree

Are you going to buy a real Christmas tree this year, or are you in the fake camp?

We usually buy our Christmas tree the first weekend of December. Prior to having kids, and especially living in house shares, this would be a lovely fun filled affair. Usually involving lots of mulled wine along the way, and spending the day half cut decorating the thing only to realise it looked like a dogs dinner the following morning. Nowadays, what with being a non-driving family, the reality of buying a Christmas tree doesn’t exactly match the fantasy in my head or comparison with what it used to be.

One naturally conjures up romantics scenes of the children choosing the perfect tree then coming home all excited to decorate it, which is not exactly what happens in our house. The buying of the tree usually involves arguments between the kids over which one will get bought, then arguments over who will get to put this or that decoration on. Not to mention the drama of getting the damn thing home on public transport. Last year we admitted defeat and bought a fake tree, and the children were not impressed at all. Once you get used to having a real tree, it’s just not the same.

As you can imagine, I was super excited when Fantastic Services (who I am brand ambassador for) offered us the opportunity to review their new Christmas tree delivery service.

Christmas Tree CollageWhat Christmas tree services are Fantastic offering?

The team of two who carried out the delivery were true professionals. They are every time they come to my house, but were extra smiley yesterday, and who could blame them? I can imagine that delivering Christmas trees to their customers will be quite a jolly job over the coming weeks.

They brought the tree into the house, unwrapped it, spread it out for us and took the rubbish away. The tree looks impressive and smells fab but not too over powering. It has shed some needles on the floor, but not so many that I’m dreading the extra vacuuming. It’s very sturdy on its base too, which has been a problem in the past. Check out my Insta Stories for more details.    

Fantastic can decorate the tree for you, if you wish for them to do so. As you can imagine though, I had three excited children on my hands who’d already earmarked that job for themselves. In fairness there was a lot less fighting over decorations this year, I think not going out in the freezing cold to buy the tree first helped no end with that.

The other great service that Fantastic offer is collection. They shall be collecting the tree from us on the first week of January and taking it away to be recycled. If your local authority is anything like ours, dying Christmas trees will be piled high in the corner of the bin store until some time in late January when they are finally taken away. There will always also be some bright sparks who chuck them into the waste bins, which of course are already packed to the rafters with wrapping paper and Christmas rubbish. This part of the service is a godsend for us.

How much does having a Christmas tree delivered by Fantastic cost?

christmas tree salt dough decorationsFantastic deliver within the M25, and prices start at ¬£69, which I think is very reasonable. Considering that we’ve spent roughly the same buying trees from our local high street, and have still had to factor in missioning home with it.

Ordering your tree couldn’t be easier, simply go to the Fantastic website, select order a tree, input your requirements and choose your delivery slot. All in all it takes less than two minutes. 

The children spent the afternoon making salt dough decorations, and have been beavering away since 6-something this morning making them pretty with the fabric pens. Dare I say it, for once the reality matched the fantasy. 

For those rolling their eyes, yes I am aware that it’s November (just!) but I’m glad that we’ll get to have our tree for an extra week this year. Thanks Fantastic, for another wonderful service.

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**Disclaimer: we were given our Christmas tree FOC in exchange for this blog post. For my full disclosure policy, please click here.**       


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