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Celebrating Our Recent #LittleWins

Little Wins Collage 110416Although life has been super tough lately, it’s important for me to reflect back, and celebrate our #LittleWins. Writing this post has made me realise that we’ve enjoyed lots of happiness among the dark times. 

The children have been counting down the sleeps until we see Disney on Ice this Saturday for over a month now. Every single morning Polly wakes up and tells me how many days it will be. We’re all looking forward to seeing the show, and the girls have been excitedly discussing their outfits (there’s a huge clue in one of the pics above).

We have seen tons of great friends, and had some awesome days out over the Easter holidays. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it: I have the most amazing friends. After my post last week about needing a crisis plan, I had countless messages of love and support, and know that I’m extremely blessed to have the people in my life that I do.

I had a brilliant night ‘out out’ with a bestie on Saturday night, and have another one to look forward to this Friday. Check me actually having a social life! I also made it out for my first run of the year last week. These have all provided a much needed boost to my well being, and have helped me feel a lot less meh.

I had an absolutely glowing five star review for Become the Best You, written by a top 500 Amazon reviewer, which you can read here if you wish.    

Hubby and I have been taking it in turns to take one of the girls out most weekends for mini love bombing sessions. It’s been wonderful to spend one on one time with them. 

Little Wins Collage2 110416Freddy’s language skills have taken a huge jump these last few weeks, and he is able to communicate his needs much clearer now. It’s making life a lot easier, because the guess work has been a major cause of frustration for him. Now we just need to get him sleeping better.

Clara’s reading is coming on in leaps and bounds, and she constantly spots letters (and sometimes words) that she knows. “That’s a curly c mama, that’s an f like Freddy”, very lovely to witness and I’m super proud of this achievement. It’s making me a lot more confident in the home education department.

We’ve resurrected the reward chart, and have seen an overall improvement with Polly’s sleep and general bedtime behaviour. It’s not a quick fix, and will take consistency and perseverance, but it has been well worth it so far. If anyone is interested in hearing more about this let me know. I plan on writing about it in depth after we’ve been at it for three months (currently two weeks in).

I was having a shocker of a morning last Friday, and we had a knock on the door at just gone 8am from a courier I wasn’t expecting. When I opened the parcel it was full to the brim with delicious free from everything (including refined sugar) chocolate! I could not believe my eyes, and want to say a huge thanks to Plamil for injecting some much needed happiness when I needed it the most.  We were sent all sorts of flavours (my fave is the mint one), and you would never know that it’s free from. Please do check out their fabulous range.

I’ve really been appreciating the snippets of sunshine when it comes, dare I say out loud that it feels like Spring is finally in the air?

What are your #LittleWins? Tweet them to me  @mummytries and I’ll RT!

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