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Celebrating the Little Wins in Life #LittleWins

Celebrating the Little Wins in Life #LittleWinsMy lovely friend (thanks Sal!) gave me a one line a day five year diary for Xmas, and I’ve been enjoying choosing one positive thing that has happened throughout the course of each day. She also has three small children, including twins, and ponders as much as I do how we’ll remember these years if we don’t write them down 😉 

Although my life can be pretty grinding, it’s good to reflect on the little wins, because no matter how tough a day is, there’s always something to be celebrated. Which is why I’m going to capture them here – not only does it force me to remember that there’s lots to be grateful for, I also think it’ll be nice to look back on these posts and assure myself that we had lots of fun, amid the hard times.

Little Wins for January

After a very gentle introduction to home ed at the end of last year, we have settled into a nice routine. Hubby and I sat down with P and created a timetable together, to ensure it contains all the things that she wants to learn (obvs this isn’t a small win but a massive one). I’ve written a three month update, which you might be interested in.

Now that I’m being super strict with sweet snacks, I’ve seen an overall improvement in the behaviour of all the children. The best thing about not giving them treats for days on end, is that they are super thrilled with whatever I give them when we do have them. They were becoming a bit disdainful of my chocolate mousse and cookies, but are back to loving them. 

Between F not having snacks between meals, and limiting his whole goat milk intake, his appetite has picked up overall, and we’ve seen improvements in the right direction with his sleep. Shock horror, he some times even sleeps all night. After six and a half years of parenting, I think I might have finally found the winning formula – orchestrating it is the tricky part!

P is becoming a proper bad ass with her times tables, and loves getting our little wooden tile game out to play. It’s wonderful watching her be so enthusiastic about learning. Ditto the Spanish memory game that we play, which is a double win because I’m learning too.

I’m getting so much out of being back on my exercise bike, and am proud that I’ve managed a half hour workout every other day this year so far. These 30 minute chunks are excellent writing opportunities, and I’ve been jotting down bits for my novel, or doing a bit of blogging. Gotta love multi tasking.

I’ve written almost two more chapters of Kate’s Story (working title). It only amounts to a few thousand words, but it feels great to be writing something for it. If I can manage to get to the laptop whilst having a flash of inspiration, then I’m all set, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen very often.

Speaking of books, I’m doing a reading for Become the Best You next weekend. To say I am absolutely petrified would be an understatement!

I’ve managed to catch up with lots of lovely friends this month, and had a brilliant time going out for my friends 40th a couple of weeks ago. I am determined to have a bit more of a social life this year.

It was great to finally put a face to the blog when I met Ting from My Travel Monkey for a coffee. She is of course as fab as her site, and her little boy is just adorable.

We realised during the Xmas holidays that hubby’s passport was due to expire in early March, and rather than leave it until the last minute I was super organised and we already have his new one. Ditto agreeing new lease terms for our house. Go me!

My in-laws have been booked for grand children duty next month, so that hubby and I can take C out on her own and spoil her rotten with a day of love bombing for her birthday.

They will return less than two weeks later for a sleepover, so we can get away for our second ever child free 24 hours to celebrate our anniversary.

2016-01-25 11.17.17-1We’ve dug up all the weeds in the garden, and turned the earth in preparation for sowing seeds. I’ve always approached gardening with a ‘can’t do’ attitude and realise now that it was all in my head. Anyone can do it, and I am excited beyond words about attempting to grow food this year. If all goes well we shall have tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, cavolo nero, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Watch this space!

What are your little wins? Tweet me @mummytries using the hashtag #LittleWins and I’ll gladly RT your post 🙂

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