Introducing Give it a Try! and an Interview with Founder Ian ‘Spike’ Kenny

At the start of August we were out with friends, and happened completely by chance on a free children’s rugby training session, being run by the fantastic social enterprise Give it a Try! They use rugby to develop character, resilience and confidence in young people in state schools in South London’s Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Everyone […]

Introducing Childreach International and Your Chance to Win a VIP Meal at Cabana Brasil

 We recently spent a fabulous day at the CopaCABANA beach on London’s Southbank, and were introduced to the wonderful charity Childreach International. Having been exposed to a lot of child poverty when I was in Asia in my twenties, boots on the ground charities are very close to my heart. Childreach International’s mission is simple “To restore child-rights and […]

On Being One of ‘Those Mums’

I’m in danger of turning into one of ‘those mums’. Actually, who am I kidding? I already am one. I make comments that other people don’t even think, let alone say out loud. I openly talk about my failings as a parent, and fears for the future. I’m not afraid to make bold decisions if it […]

Time to Put the Pressure on Your MP

The Children’s Society need your help! They are asking us all to urge our local MP to stand up for 16 and 17 year olds in Parliament. I’ve already contacted mine, will you contact yours?  The Government have introduced the Policing and Crime bill to Parliament. This Bill provides a crucial opportunity for them to make important changes […]