How We Helped our Autistic Daughter Sleep Through the Night After Years of Severe Sleep Deprivation

sleep through the night

If your child does not sleep through the night, you are going to love this article! Until recently I was lucky to get four or five broken hours shut eye… Anyone who follows this blog will already know that severe sleep deprivation has been a major part of mine and hubby’s lives the entire time we’ve […]

For My Lovely Friend Embarking on Her Third Baby

Dearest B, With the world between us, and a time difference that makes even Skyping nyon impossible, I thought I’d write you this little note. Otherwise we both know that my baby-adled brain will completely forget all that I want to say. First and foremost hugest congratulations! Although a third baby was inevitable for you […]

The S word…again!

When I posted this on the 25th Sept, my little family was at breaking point. 4yo hadn’t slept through the night in months, and was often up multiple times. She started school at the beginning of Sept, and rather than wearing her out so she slept perfectly (like everyone annoyingly kept telling me would happen) […]