The Do’s and Don’ts of Potty Training and a Competition to Kick Start your Adventure

I’ve been through potty training three times now, and have had three completely different experiences. This time around we followed the Six Steps to Potty Success, so had clear milestones, advice and tools for each stage of our journey. You can read my previous posts here and here. If I were going back in time to potty […]

How We Overcame Potty Training Regression and Are Completely Nailing it Now

It’s been two months since we embarked on Freddy’s potty training adventure, using the Huggies 6 Steps to Potty Success. At two and a half he was more than ready. He was super keen to switch from nappies to pull ups, and loved wearing his big boy pants over the top. He would also happily sit on the potty […]

How to Host a Birthday Party and Actually Enjoy Yourself

My beautiful, sassy, unique, darling firstborn turned seven today. She was promised a birthday party this year, and started planning it in February. Seriously, the second her brother and sister’s birthdays had been and gone Polly set about making the invitations. We originally thought we had a booking at a large venue, so were free and easy with […]

How to be Brave

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I’ve been down lately. Life has been various shades of grey, and some times in the face of such adversity the only thing we can do is survive.  I’ve spoken at length about the additional challenges we face as an autism family, and the relentlessness of it sometimes means […]