On Mental Health and Dealing with Our Demons for the Sake of Our Kids

  I’ve wanted to write this so many times, but have always been afraid to, just in case it was taken the wrong way and there was a backlash. This fear of others misconstruing my words has led to censorship, which is ridiculous. I can’t call myself a pro-blogger and allow myself to be censored at the same […]

Why I am Considering the GAPS Intro Diet for my 6yo

In Spring 2014 I embarked on the all natural auto-immune healing diet GAPS, which is an acronym for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It consists of three stages, the first being a six step introduction diet; the second stage is Full GAPS – a Paleo-style grain free, refined sugar free, commercial dairy free diet; the third […]

Our Autism Journey with The Portland Hospital

Last summer my eldest daughter P had a vast array of tests (including an endoscopy and colonoscopy) performed on her stomach and bowel. It was a long time coming. Although she was only five, we had been battling with food sensitivity, sleep problems and challenging behaviour for three years at that point. She ticked many boxes […]

The Most Common Forms of Neurological Disorder in Children

A lot of neurological disorders in children are congenital, while others develop later in life as a result of underlying health issues or traumas. While there are dozens of different neurological disorders that affect children in the UK, some are more common than others. Cerebral palsy Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the area […]