Catching Up With Old Friends

We had a very dear friend in town this weekend visiting from Alaska with her hubby and their two girls. It had been over ten years since since we last saw her, and it was amazing to meet her family and introduce the kids to each other. Everyone got on like a house on fire, and it was as if the past decade and all that distance just disappeared. The girls instantly took to them, which believe me does not happen with everyone.

We met them at St. Paul’s on Friday and had the most fabulous day in the sunshine. As the Red Hot Chilli Peppers rightly said, there is no place like London in the Summertime. First stop was Madison at the top of One New Change for a drink and look over the City. They said were thrilled because they’d have never have just happened upon it, and it felt like they got to do something locals do. I would highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance, it’s like being in the opening scene of Mary Poppins and feels like you could touch the cathedral.

catching up with old friendsAfterwards we had a picnic lunch then took a scenic stroll to the Tower of London, and spent over three hours there. The tower is absolutely fascinating! I can’t believe I’ve been lived here all my life (almost thirty five years) and haven’t been before. We had dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, one of the only places that is completely GAPS friendly as they have a naked option, which means bun-less burger with lots of salad instead. We tried to be time concious but missed the train by one minute (ouch!) and didn’t get home until gone nine, which is an exceptionally late night for my girls. They did so well though, and we all collapsed into bed as soon as we got through the door!

catching up with old friendsSaturday they came over to our house and we all hung out. The kids played, fought, ate and got rather grumpy so we packed them all up into the buggies and headed to the park for a stroll. It was just what we all needed, and made for a great end to a lovely two days. As we walked along with our babies being carried in the exact same slings and toddlers being pushed in the exact same buggies (uncanny?!) it occurred to me how alike we all are.

We are basically living the same kind of lives just on the opposite side of the world. Finding friends that you are on the exact same page as when it comes to parenting is nigh on impossible, and it seems rather unfair that they live all the way in Alaska. I got unexpectedly emotional when they left, the realisation that it may be another decade before we meet again was over whelming. It was lovely to have them here though, even if it was just for a short while.

44 thoughts on “Catching Up With Old Friends

  1. I feel the same. It’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all (said some famous poet). I’m so glad for those friendships and even if I only see these guys, or my Aussie friends every blue moon it’s better to keep them around 😉 xx

  2. You must next time you’re in town Denise, it’s incredible up there 🙂

    So difficult, and different parenting will often drive friends apart… I find I’m okay with the friends that I had in my life pre-kids, no matter how different we parent. But with the friends that I’ve made since having kids, the glaringly obvious disparities can be a bit too much, and I doubt those friendships will be standing the test of time. Who knows though, I could be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Thanks lovely it really was! Guess you know you have a real connection when you can go ten years hardly even skyping, and still pick up where you left off. It helped that their two kids are the exact same ages as our younger two xx

  4. What a great time you had. I had some really good friends that I haven’t seen FOREVER come visit last night. This post hit home. I find that it gets harder and harder to make close friends as I get older and the more children I have. It seems that all my close friends move away.

  5. Good to know about the Madison. I can feel a treat coming on next time I go to London.

    IT’s so difficult to find other people who understand *exactly* your own style of parenting.

  6. Those are the best friends – no matter how long or how far it all melts away when you finally get to hang out! Too many of the people I love are scattered across the globe now but I still feel lucky to have them in my life x

  7. Thanks Maddy, I really hope not! We spoke about a trip to Hawaii as they have an apartment there but it’ll cost five grand just in flights so wouldn’t happen any time soon. Nice to daydream though xxx

  8. It must be hard to have found such a good friend who then lives so far away. Sounds like you had a great meet up and I hope it’s not too long until you do it again.

    Now who else reread the naked bit several times over lol?

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. It’s such a shame they live on the other side of the world but true friendship can survive anything! Hopefully it won’t be another ten years this

  10. Thank you lovely! Can’t believe you are in Istanbul at the mo, that’s where these guys headed… you could be sitting next to them right now and you’d never know it 😉

  11. It really was, I was actually shocked by how easy their company was the entire time. A weekend that will be remembered for many weekends to come 🙂

  12. Sounds like a lovely time, it’s great to have friends that you can just be yourselves with even after such a long time of not seeing each other. For sounds lovely and so does the weekend 🙂 #magicmoments

  13. There’s a quote that I can’t quite think of at the moment, but something about being true friends and not needing to see each other every day to keep the friendship alive. Treasure the weekend memories.

  14. You know they are true life long friends when it’s comfort and you haven’t seen them forever yet you pick up just where you left off. Glad you enjoyed some great friend time! #magicmoment

  15. Sounds like a really fantastic catch up with true friends. When it’s always comfortable, no matter how long you haven’t seen each other, then you know you’ve found some amazing people.

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