Busy? Pah!!!

I used to think I was busy. Then I had a third child. Then I started GAPS. Now I realise I didn’t know the meaning of the word! While most folk were still enjoying their Zzzzz’s here’s what I got up. All before 7am!

– fed baby @ 2am
– 4yo up @ 4:30 for a wee, went back to sleep eventually but disturbed 2yo along the way
– fed baby @ 5 whilst blogging
– 2yo up for the day @ 5:25
– made grain-free pancakes for her breakfast (see above – recipe to follow)
– cleaned the tip formerly known as my kitchen, put dishwasher load one on
– made lunches for hubby and 4yo
– 4yo up for the day @ 5:50
– made her breakfast; crispy bacon (HAS to be crispy otherwise it induces a meltdown) and mushrooms
– rescued the disastrous lamb stock from the other day
– made hubby’s breakfast (scrambled eggs & porridge)
– made new batch of water kefir (more on this soon)
– both girls exclaimed they were still hungry so made them smoothies (banana for 2yo, blueberry for 4yo)
– boiled my eggs for breakfast
– girls still hungry so gave them a pot of cashew nuts and blueberries to eat
– made a fresh pot of coffee, heaven forbid there isn’t a constant supply!

At this point it was time for the baby to have another feed. I sank heavily down on the sofa and engrossed myself in blog-land for half an hour (and wrote most of this). After that it was time to start getting 4yo ready for school, pack up the buggy for the day and get myself ready. Then I fed baby again. Then I finally got to eat my breakfast.

How was your morning?!

9 thoughts on “Busy? Pah!!!

  1. I will start by answering your question: not that busy! Oh my goodness hun, just reading your post, I can feel my blood pressure raising (for you). Hope you are OK. You have to look after yourself as well. xxx Mel

  2. Wow! Thankfully we no longer have the super early starts, and while getting the boys to school can be a bit of an operation, it’s a breeze compared to this! I’m in awe 🙂

  3. Oh blimey! As a fellow mum-of-three I know how hectic life can get but – reading this – I suddenly realise my morning with a baby awake at 5.24 (I know that’s specific but every minute of sleep counts!) followed by a cuddle in bed till 6.30 and breakfast with all three kids at 7am was a walk in the park! Mind you, our breakfast just consists of the older two pouring themselves cheerios while the baby enthusiastically waves a banana about (and I knock back a cup of tea while trying not to spill mueslie over the ipad) so it’s much easier than your gaps regime! Mine aren’t lucky enough to get smoothies! Go you, supermum!

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