Book Update Three: Full Introduction


toxic relationshipLast week I sent my book off to a professional editor to have a constructive critique. I paid extra for a quick turnaround and it will be back by next Monday (hopefully sooner!) so I will fill you in on what he has said in my update next week.

Looks like this was a good move, because one of the agencies I sent my first three chapters to have requested I send them the full manuscript. I’ve been pretty chuffed – it came at the perfect time and was a very welcome boost that I’d been in need of. I’m crossing fingers now that I don’t have to rewrite the whole thing once it’s back from the editor!

In last week’s post I shared the synopsis of my self-help book, which is essentially a condensed version of the full intro page (as below). I had some great feedback on it, and some of you asked for more details, so here it is:

Intro: Why Should You Read This Book?
There are tons of self-help books out there telling you how to think, what to wear and how to behave. Loads of people are desperate to give you their views on any subject matter you require some guidance on. What’s so special about me? I’m just a regular mum. I don’t even have fancy qualifications or a rags to riches story I’m afraid. So why should you bother reading this book?

After having a dysfunctional childhood, and self-destructive young adulthood, I broke away from my past and created a much brighter future. Rather than just talk about my children never having to experience what I went through myself (like my parents did) I worked damn hard to change my destiny and ensure it was the case. Throughout this book I will share stories from my life and insights on how I overcame the many obstacles I have faced over the years.

I’ll tell you how I broke the cycle of dysfunction, and hopefully it will inspire you to go off and do the same. Getting passed my past wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible. I promise not to delve into matters of which I have no personal experience, and I won’t pretend to have all the answers. I might just have the ones you are looking for though.

If you can identify with this list of demons I had to conquer then this book is for you!
– raised by parents who’d had dysfunctional childhoods and subsequently had one myself
– grew up on the poverty line
– moved house numerous times
– went to many schools and suffered bullying in several
– suffered sexual abuse as a child
– always felt like I was different from my family and wanted more out of life
– left home at 15
– struggled with depression
– got into a lot of debt
– had very little self-respect
– used to sleep around
– used to abuse drugs and alcohol
– used to put myself into dangerous situations
– was taken advantage of by older men

What do I hope you will achieve by reading this book?
– the ability to make peace with your past
– the ability to look in the mirror and like what you see
– for you to find your inner strength and start respecting yourself
– the courage to re-define the rules of a relationship that has become toxic
– the courage to cut ties with people who make you miserable
– the courage to BREAK THE CYCLE and keep it broken

Stay tuned folks…


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  3. Thank you, what lovely feedback! I really do hope to help others with my own experiences. The book writing process has been fab, you really should try it if it’s on your bucket list 🙂

  4. You legend! Well done! I love the synopsis, so cool that you are turning your experiences into positives #brilliantblogposts

  5. Thank you so much my lovely, what a fab compliment xxx

  6. Thank you so much Carolynne! I’ll hold you to that!! I remember one of our first conversations was about your son getting his ear pierced – I thought it was his nose cartilage. Time flies xx

  7. Thank you so much Sian, I would be interested to know what you make of it coming from a similar background. I’ll be hitting you up to do a review 😉 xxx

  8. Thanks Morgan, my recent post explains in a bit more detail xx http://mummytries.com/2014/09/29/book-update-four-why-and-who/

  9. Thanks so much lovely! I need all the crossed fingers and toes I can get xxx

  10. You have voiced some of the thoughts in my own head here Zena! It’s something I’m working on xxx

  11. Thanks for the luck Katy, I need all that I can get 🙂 Best of luck to you too lovely xx Here’s my recent update: http://mummytries.com/2014/09/29/book-update-four-why-and-who/

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  13. Oh darling, I am so, so sorry you went through those things and so bloody proud of you for overcoming them and breaking the cycle for your own family. I would read this book, millions would read this book. The hairs on my arms were raised reading your synopsis. Go get em x

  14. Ah sounds fantastic! I’m so glad you’re doing this. I remember meeting you on twitter last year when you just started, it seems you’ve already come a long way since then even. Even if people don’t want self help, the books sounds as though it will be interesting to simply read about you! I want a signed copy for review please 😉 xx

  15. I’ll be honest lovely, I can’t wait to see it!! There are so many similarities in some parts of our childhood tales and the way we overcame certain things, so I would definitely love to read more. And congrats!! Hoping you get more good news soon xxx

  16. What great news! Let’s hope that editor has good news too eh? Very well done and I love the intro to your book. xx

  17. I have everything crossed for you lovely lady!!! I really do. I hope that it can reach all those people who need help. Well done xxx

  18. Sounds like it’s such a good book. I can tick far too many off the list you’ve put up there. How do you get the book in front of the right people though, the ones that are damaged and haven’t gone on their own journey to make change in their lives. It feels to me like the book could be a start of something more dynamic that will help the harder to reach, the ones that might not be in a place to face their demons and pick up the book. I’m not sure I’m making a great deal of sense, I hope you understand what I mean 🙂 Zx

  19. Eek good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing what you hear back!

  20. Thank you for the reminder to ‘Just Do It’! I spend far too much time procrastinating about writing a book, trying to get published. It’s wonderful to see you taking action and understanding your target audience! The very best of luck!!! #AllAboutYou

  21. You and me both hon. I’ll update everyone next week…. five more days and counting until it’s back. Feels like I’ve sent my child on holiday or something 😉 xx

  22. It’s not a given at all, but was nice to not be a flat out rejection xx

  23. Thanks lovely xx

  24. Thank you 🙂

  25. Thanks so much Sophie, I’ve been wondering whether your thoughts on writing in the third person would change after seeing the full intro. I’m nervous and excited in equal measure about what the editor will say! I’m still going to write a paragraph or two in the third person though, as I feel it’ll be a useful exercise xx

  26. Your intro is great – you set a really engaging tone, authoritative but down to earth. I know I said last week that it’d be worth trying third person for the synopsis, but first person works brilliantly here. I think it could be tightened up a little bit but hey – that’s what you’re paying the editor for! I’m not surprised you’ve piqued the interest of this agent – keeping everything crossed they want to take things further xx

  27. Fantastic news! 🙂 I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. xx

  28. Check you out, Lady! The book sounds really great by the way. x

  29. Brilliant news, so happy for you! xx

  30. Oh, that is such amazing news, I am so happy for you! The introduction is great, and I really am looking forward to getting to read more of the book. I’m also looking forward to hearing what the editor has to say xx

  31. It was something I had to think long and hard about, but I’m glad to have done it. Just hope he doesn’t tear it to pieces, not long now until I get it back!

  32. Thank you so much Sadie, that’s a really kind thing to say.

  33. Although it hurt to part with the cash, I think it’s going to be some of the best money I’ve ever spent…

  34. Thanks lovely. It’s going to be really interesting seeing what he’s said. Just hope it’s mostly positive xx

  35. Thank you lovely lady. Just cannot wait to get it back and start working on it now…I’m getting a little impatient 😉

  36. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Angie. Glad you’ve come through the other end.

    I’m really hoping to be able to reach people who have been through tough times and need a bit of guidance before they get themselves in too much of a pickle. Ultimately if the book helps even one person then it’s a win as far as I’m concerned 🙂

  37. thanks so much Carol 🙂

  38. I’m not counting chickens or anything but it was a very nice boost!

  39. You’re so lovely hon, thank you and I feel exactly the same. Really hope to meet to meet you at some point soon. Thanks for your suggestion, I will definitely put something like that in because it makes complete sense to do so. You are fab xx

  40. That’s great to hear, thanks Louise 🙂

  41. Thanks my lovely! Need all the good luck vibes I can get on this one xx

  42. Thanks Denise 🙂

  43. That’s great news a publisher has asked to see your full manuscript – fingers crossed! Good luck with the editor too. I think it’s quite a tough step handing your blood, sweat and tears over to someone else to critique! I’m sure there will be lots of helpful suggestions for you. Nice to find you through the #whatImwriting linky.

  44. This is great news… and I really hope an agent takes you on. After reading what your book is about I think many readers would identify with your struggles. You come across as warm and down to earth. Looking forward to hearing what your editor says. :o). #whatimwriting.

  45. That’s good news, well done. Good call about getting a professional edit as well. I think it is well worth it.

  46. Yes, that is brilliant news. I’m so pleased for you! And I think the introduction does a really good job. Will be interesting to hear what an editor has made of the manuscript xx

  47. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Brilliant news that the agent wants to see a full manuscript! Am really happy for you! Your book sounds like it could really make a difference to people – it has a powerful message. Hope the editor has some useful tips on perfecting it. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx

  48. WOW this is so powerful. The summary of your book makes me think a lot about my own life (we have a LOT in common!!). I agree it took me a lot of personal work to change my own destiny and get to a much better place. I can assure you someone out there will benefit from hearing your story, and perhaps making the decision sooner rather than later to improve their life.

    I found you through the #AllAboutYou linkup.

    Angie from reasons to dress

  49. Ooooh I’m (we’re) waiting with baited breath about the full manuscript 🙂 *excited*

  50. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Oh by the way, I got so excited for you that I forgot to mention the fact one of the agencies has asked for the full manuscript… wow! You go, girl!

  51. This is looking great, hun! I am so proud of you! I know, we don’t ‘really’ know each other, but you are just like a real friend to me, and I wish you every success. I would just add a sentence along those lines where you wrote “I might just have the ones…”: By choosing to open this book, you are conscious things need to change and have already taken the first step towards… (work your magic from there, hi hi!)

  52. Fabulous news – so pleased for you. Hope they like the full manuscript – the intro sounds great, has definitely left me wanting to read more!

  53. That’s fab news that a publisher has asked for more of your manuscript – I’m keeping everything crossed for you! X

  54. Well done! Fingers crossed for you!

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