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Those that have been following my blog this Summer will know that I have had busy fingers, and after lots of talking about doing so have finally written my self-help book ‘Break The Cycle of Dysfunction’. It was largely bashed out during the hours of 4-6am. Whilst my third baby feasted on boobies, I typed away on my tablet hoping that no-one else would wake up. I’m usually in bed by 9pm and find that I’m more than ready to start my day early, especially when it’s so light outside. Nowadays I write when I get the chance – take yesterday for example (as pictured above) toddler was napping, baby was feeding in the sling which gave me about an hour to work.

In a mad moment of feeling happy with the first draft, I emailed it to three literary agents on the Friday before bank holiday weekend. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting to happen but there were no fireworks in the sky, nor did the earth move. I’ve had one out and out rejection, and am waiting with baited breath for an offer (or more likely further rejection) from one or both of the others. I was expecting it though to be honest, fortunately I have incredibly thick skin and it’s not sent me into a tiz. It’s an exceptionally tough market out there, so I’m being realistic and gearing up to self-publish instead.

I sent the manuscript to a few trusted people at the same time as the agents, and they all came back with suggestions which means I’ve been doing another round of edits this past week. I’m now going through the printout with a fine tooth comb and hope to update the word document next week. I then plan to leave it be for a full month before doing one final edit and at that point I might be in a position to actually publish the damn thing.

Here’s my current to-do list:
Copywrite my work
Professional edit?
Send to more agents? Very undecided on this one
Book cover
Add in the written exercises
Format for Kindle
Round up blogging mummies to review it and help spread the word
Ditto Facebook friends (RL) across the world

I’m sure I’ve missed out a ton of stuff, so if anyone has a suggestion for me, please let me know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for next week’s update where I might be sharing the synopsis 🙂

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  5. Thank you so much lovely. I’ve got another update coming out this evening xx

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  7. All so exciting, writing is all about re writing, can’t wait to read more x

  8. I’m not sure about that my lovely, but self-publishing is a pretty respectable avenue these days. Thanks so much for your kind comment xx

  9. I’m the same past 8pm though hon, seriously incapable of even commenting on blog posts at that point most nights. Whereas most other bloggers are up bashing out posts and comments well into midnight xx

  10. Fantastic news finishing the book. I bet it’s an amazing read! And I’m sure the other two publishers will be bashing down your door any minute 🙂 xx

  11. I think I replied to this and then didn’t hit ‘post comment’! Anyway, I am so impressed at writing in the early hours, I often wish I could make myself get up an hour earlier to get an extra shot at getting some work done, but it never happens! I also think that leaving it a month before reading again is very sensible. I become word blind, so leaving and coming back is always a good idea! Can’t wait to read it lovely xx #whatimwriting

  12. The toddler was in her bed lovely, that would have been a step too far 😉

  13. You have been a busy lady haven’t you? I’m not sure I could write while feeding a baby AND holding a sleeping toddler. I am in awe! Xxx

  14. Aww, thank you. I’d like that x

  15. Sounds like you’re seriously on top of things. And with your hubby’s marketing skills too there’ll be no stopping you! Xxx

  16. Thanks Sadie 🙂 Did you self-publish your own book or go through an agent/publishers?

  17. Thank you very much lovely, I shall add you to my list xx

  18. Thanks Ting, it’s good to hear from a person who does this for a living 🙂 xx

  19. Thanks so much Chrissie. Going by your blog content I am certain your work is publishable… you just need to have a little more faith in your own abilities. If you ever need a reader just let me know xxx

  20. Thank you Denise! Also, I was including your good self among my trusted few that have given feedback 🙂 I’ve taken what you said on on-board by the way, and added a whole intro to the chapter Redefine the Rules.. as well as not jumping straight into bullet points in the other chapters and having a solid introduction instead. Thanks again, I know you’re so busy and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and give advice xx

  21. Thanks lovely, I’m sure there will be a few obvious mistakes I completely missed in a month’s time x

  22. Needs must don’t they! I’ve got quite used to doing all manner of things with him feeding in the sling…

    I think the editing process is probably similar, if not the same. But as I’ve said before, with self-help there is a very fine line between inspiring and down right cheesy. This means I’ve been super aware of not writing fluff just to get words out. I’m keeping it as concise as I possibly can too. No-one has the time to read a 50,000+ word self-help book these days, so I have a lot less to edit simply because there is less of it xxx

  23. Thanks Louise! I think I’d probably struggle with the super early starts now it’s so much darker outside, but during Spring and Summer it was absolutely fine 🙂

  24. Thank you so much Vicki, what a lovely thing to say *warm fuzzy alert*

  25. Thank you so much Maddy, you’ve been a cheerleader from day one and I really appreciate it. I think that going through two years of hell with our eldest’s sleep probably means I’ve adjusted to needing a lot less than most. As difficult as it felt at the time I guess it did serve a purpose! xxx

  26. Wowsers…. you’ve been very, very busy. I really admire your late night creative bursts. Before you send it out to agents again, you might want to have your final draft done first with a very thorough editing. Agents generally want to see your finished product :o).

  27. To be honest the thing I’m finding most challenging is time, I have so little of it and reading the printed version is rather time consuming… best to do it properly though…

  28. Would LOVE to review for you when the time comes… x #whatimwriting

  29. Your list sounds pretty comprehensive! I think that’s a brilliant idea to leave it a month before reading again. I edit for my job and can’t believe some of that clangers I’ve missed due to tiredness and not getting a chance to have a break reading the same copy. Good luck and can’t wait to read it x

  30. Well done on getting it written during the early hours while feeding. Can’t wait to see the synopsis having read the excerpt you posted. I’ll happily pass an eye over it if you need some more people to take a look. Well done for having the guts to submit it. I can’t bring myself to cross that hurdle. xx

  31. I think that’s a good list, and what a great picture – view from where it’s all at! Well done for keeping going come what may, and good luck if you do decide to send to more agents.

  32. Oh yes, writing whenever you can grab a moment-very familiar indeed 🙂
    The only thing I’d say is that I’ve found it very helpful to leave my writing for a while and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes so I think that’s a really good idea x

  33. Ah the writing-with-baby-feeding-in-sling is very familiar 🙂 Sounds like we’re both at a similar stage with the editing at the moment, though I wonder how different the process is with fiction and non-fiction? I definitely think leaving it for a while is a good idea – it can be quite hard to get the perspective you need when it’s still so freshly written… Good luck – looking forward to hearing your next update! xx

  34. Wow sounds like you are really getting the ball rolling now – very impressed with you managing to write in the middle of the night – I’m usually in a semi-comatose state with the middle of the night feeds, not sure I could switch my brain on enough to write. Good luck with getting positive responses from the other two literary agents.

  35. You are an incredibly inspiring person. Writing this in the middle of the night is amazing!! Talk about multi-tasking!! Sounds like you have the whole thing in hand and I really admire you.

  36. maddy@writingbubble says:

    You’ve come so far with your book in so little time. I really admire your dedication especially to the 4am starts (I rarely get to bed before 11 so am non-functional at 4!) I hope you get good news from one of the agents but it sounds like you’re on the ball to self-publish if not – all very exciting! And I’ll be very happy to help with promotion of course! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting. I’m looking forward to continuing to follow the journey of your book! xxx

  37. I think I’d find the editing bit really difficult. Well done to you as it takes grit and determination to keep the momentum up. There are lots of people I know that have self published and lots of blog posts with advice too.

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