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Regular readers will know that this time last week my main site was completely offline – after a massive panic I managed to get it back up just in time for my redesign to go live. On Thursday night I posted this which revealed my identity. It was an exhilarating experience which left me buzzing.  I have been truly blown away by the amazing comments you lovely people have left on my post, thank you so much! I’ve been reading each one as they come through, and they’ve all made me smile. I’m still working on the replies, but will get there.

After the excitement I had two full on work days, then on Saturday we were out the door before 9am to go to Legoland. As you can imagine it didn’t leave much time for writing or blogging!

On Sunday while the baby entertained himself with his new crawling powers, and the girls watched far too much telly (needs must and all that) Hubby and I went through the entire manuscript. He’d been going through a printout on his commute last week and had come up with some great suggestions. We sat at the laptop and incorporated everything, then I skimmed through it again for the next few hours looking for previously missed errors.

Yesterday I had a friend and her little one over in the morning which was lovely. I was banking on 2yo having a huge nap but she didn’t, so instead of cracking on with the book after my friend left I had to deal with an over tired grumpy toddler. Today (while she is in bed!) I’m hoping to see off the last of the edits and get the book to ‘the next level’. By close of play tomorrow I want to have it ready to send off to the agent that requested I send the full MS a month ago. If I don’t then I’m not going to get another chance until Monday as I have work Thursday and Friday, then another full on weekend ahead.

The cover for the book is being designed by the wonderful Helen Braid who gave my blog it’s makeover, and I should have the artwork this week. Provided I get my edits done I’m thinking of submitting it to Britain’s Next Bestseller.  If anyone has used the site or knows of it and has some advice for me I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

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  1. […] a huge focus right now. Katia shared part 4 of her the rewrite of her novel. Mummy tries has edged closer and closer to the end of her book, and has had cover designed ready. Sophie got nearer to the end of her […]

  2. Loving the new look! I’ve loved reading about your journey and it sounds like you’re almost there. I’ve not heard of Britains Next Bestseller so can’t offer any advice there. I wish you all the best!
    PS: sorry for the late reply from #WhatImWriting, half-term preparations snatched all my time away! 🙂

  3. Thank you Hannah what a kind thing to say! xxx

  4. hannah mum's days says:

    So exciting Renee!!! You’re an inspiration and I wish you ever success with the book launch! Looking forward to reading your tips on getting started with a book 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou


  5. Thanks so much lovely! This has been a pipe dream of mine for a very long time

  6. […] despite all this, I managed to get my edits done. It feels like I’m finally approaching the point where I say ‘I’m happy with […]

  7. Really exciting, your site looks fab. I really want to get started on a book or an e-book and have been discussing it for months, as soon as I get more hours in the day I’m on it! Can’t wait to read more on your fab journey. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  8. Hope you got a lie in today lovely xx

  9. Thanks lovely, productive is a good word 🙂

  10. Exciting times! You are so busy! I like this busyness cuz its so productive! Congrats on these great developments =) #brillblogposts

  11. I am – I had to do a launch for work. BUT I get to finish early today. YAWN xx

  12. Thank you honey, I got to see a draft proof yesterday and it is amazing. I’ll look forward to sharing once it’s finalised xxx PS – are you really up at 3:20?! Hope you went back to bed…

  13. It really is my lovely, just got to get it finished now!! It’s a good quote hey… although I must say I rarely lack writing inspiration, I bet you’re the same xx

  14. Thank you so much for your lovely comment you gorgeous thing you. I read it yesterday after a hellish day at work and it really lifted my spirits! I think once I’ve completely seen off these edits I will definitely be giddy with excitement! Love that phrase btw xxx

  15. You are so lovely Vicki, and too kind to me! The juggle works fine when little ones nap well and I have no social life… chuck plans with friends or grumpy small kids into the mix and it all goes wrong! I’m so pleased with the redesign, Helen did a great job 🙂

  16. Thank you so much Zaz! It’s been hairy at points believe me but I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I haven’t managed to finish the edits yet but am going to continue on both my commutes into the office today which should see them off. Your luck is very appreciated lovely 🙂 xxx

  17. This is all so exciting!!!! I’m sure the design will be completely beautiful. Can’t wait to see xx

  18. Such busy and exciting time for times for you all! I love the quote you opened your post with too Zx #sharewithme

  19. Loving the new blog design and how amazing are you with your book! Incredible! I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in, what a super star. Best of luck with the book, it’s a dream of mine too to write a book one day so I can well imagine how totally giddy, excited and nervous you must be feeling xxx

  20. How exciting! I’ve been attempting to write a book this year but, to be honest, I’ve hit a brick wall. My ideas are shifting and I think I might have to go back to the planning stage. Joy! I look forwad to seeing how you get on! Everything crossed for you! x

  21. Swit-swoo!! Lovely new blog design!! Go girl! I have no idea how you do all this but it seems you can juggle lots of things at once. Good luck with the book. I can’t wait to read it!

  22. How exciting! Congratulations on writing your book, that’s such a massive achievement in itself.I look forward to hearing more in due course 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

  23. This is hugely exciting – and I can well imagine the temptation to keep on tweaking before you feel that it is ready to leave your hands, but don’t forget an editor will probably have you do tweaks in any case! You are absolutely brilliant and amazing to have done this while juggling children and LIFE! Masses of luck to you lovely, and love your blog redesign too!
    xxx #AllAboutYou (thanks for linking up!)

  24. The finishing line for this part is definitely in sight, although it’s really just the beginning of the journey… eeeek!!!

    Legoland was fab thanks, big girl LOVED it, little girl couldn’t go on everything as you have to be three but still said she loved it, baby boy feasted on boobies all day as he was in the sling so I think it’s safe to say it was a winner of a day xxx

  25. Thanks Denise! He really is, plus it helps that he works in marketing and has a very eagle eye for errors and poorly structured sentences. He keeps me on my toes that’s for sure 😉 I’m definitely going to look into BNBS, but my biggest concern is the price of a paper book will put people off. You only need to sell 250 copies for a deal, but selling over a thousand will ensure a decent PR package… we’re probably looking at £7.99 a copy. Would you part with that as opposed to £2.99 for an instant Kindle download?

  26. Thanks lovely, I will definitely explore it xx

  27. Lots of emotions, but I’m excited about the next stage of the journey!

  28. Thank you so much Nikki. I have loved writing this book, it’s incredible how you just make the time for something if it’s for a good cause. Mind you I’ve hardly seen any of my friends mid-week for months now… hope they forgive me!

  29. tee hee, she’s great isn’t she!

  30. Thanks so much Emily! Is it completely normal to just want to edit and edit and edit? I keep hoping to get to the point where I feel it’s good enough, then I think ‘oooh maybe I should swap those sentences around’ or write I have instead of I’ve…

  31. Oh Sara you are such a sweetie! Hubby is pretty awesome, but shhh don’t tell him xx

  32. Oh no what a pain, hope you got it sorted! The littlees both had two hour plus naps (in synch) yesterday and Tues, so I managed to be quite productive. Should have the cover by close of play today, can’t wait to see it xx

  33. Thanks so much Mel! I am almost at the point where I feel it’s good enough. I just can’t help myself though and keep going over it and making small changes. I think the time will come very soon where I say ‘this is the best it’s going to be’. Really hope so anyway xx

  34. Thanks so much Louise, I will be keeping you all posted!

  35. Thank you so much Chrissie, I’ll check these guys out. BNBS is just that, people have to go onto the site and pre-order a copy of the book in its paper form. We’re probably talking £7.99 a copy – as opposed to £2.99 if I self publish through Amazon. How much do you think the extra fiver would put folk off? You only need to sell 250 to get a book deal, but you get a great PR package if you sell 1000 copies plus.

    Tee hee that’s really funny about your hubby. Chance would be a fine thing here considering our kids hate sleep and baby boy’s cot is still next to our bed! xx

  36. Thank you so much Sophie! You know how tough it can be, but also how bloody addictive writing is and how rewarding when you sit there and think ‘yep, this is good’. Just hoping the rest of the world agrees with me xx

  37. Thank you so much! The very talented Helen Braid designed the header 🙂

  38. Thank you lovely, she really did and I cannot wait to see it. I’ve been working on the text for the back cover this week and have just finalised it. So exciting xx

  39. Thanks Maria!

  40. It’s sods law isn’t it! Luckily both the little ones had huge naps Tuesday and yesterday so I got tons done (and had happier kids on my hands which is always nice) xx

  41. If you saw the state of my house you might take that back 😉 I’m getting close now! Next week’s update might be rather exciting!!

  42. Thanks so much Jenny, I’ll be keeping you all posted 🙂

  43. Ahhh thanks Vicky, I really hope it will be! xx

  44. Thanks so much Ting! The finish line definitely feels close… although of course publishing will be just the beginning 😉 xx

  45. Renee, so exciting!! You’re so close to the finish line. I’m so looking forward to reading it xx

  46. I am SO excited for you lovely lady. You are going to be so fantastic and I can’t wait to see/read your book. I have no doubt it will be a great read. #sharewithme

  47. Absolutely love love the new blog look. Its amazing. So proud of you on your blog and your book. Best of luck with the britian’s next bestseller. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  48. Wow Renee, you are SO organised amid the chaos! And determined. You go girl! I’m very much looking forward to reading your book 🙂 And thanks so much for linking up to #WonderfulWorldofWriting again 🙂

  49. So close now! I feel your pain trying to get stuff done when a cranky toddler is around. It’s always the way that when you need to get stuff done, they just WON’T SLEEP! xx

  50. So exciting for you! Congratulations in advance 🙂

  51. Eeek that’s exciting I’m so pleased for you, not long to go now!! It’s great you have Helen designing your book cover as well, she did such a fab job with your blog 🙂 x

  52. That’s all so exciting – congratulations. Love the design of your site, by the way!

  53. Gosh all so exciting! I can’t wait to see the cover design, and will be keeping everything crossed that this agent loves the full MS. It sounds like you’ve managed to do some great work on it despite everything else that’s been going on! X

  54. *Gets out pom poms and does the cheerleader thing* Look at you go! The site is looking ace. Love the new header.
    I think Britain’s Next Bestseller uses a kickstarter model to get the book published (people pledge to buy the book once it’s published and once you’ve got enough pledges, book is published.) It’s worth a go, I reckon. Also, if you know where to look, there are a load of small publishing houses actively seeking MSs on Twitter (SALT publishing and Buddhapuss Ink spring to mind – both of these have active Twitter accounts ready to answer questions.)
    This is all so exciting. I wish my Better Half would spend time going through the MS. Instead he just gets excited by the more *adult* sections. Sigh.
    Now I’ve lowered the tone, I’ll shut up. x

  55. Ooh how exciting – love reading your updates on how your book is getting on. Good luck with getting the final edits done and sending it off 🙂

  56. Looks like you’re almost there, lovely! It’s been great following your journey to publication. x

  57. Wow you have been so busy!! I’m coming to this a bit late as I seem to have lost all my blog subscriptions since I went self-hosted and changed my email from a hotmail one to a gmail one. *sigh*. I hope you get the edits done and I look forward to seeing Helen’s cover design! X

  58. This is all so exciting Renee, I still can’t believe you get so much done, but it’s fantastic 🙂 Can’t wait to hear that the book has been submitted…
    PS. I saw you husbands comment on your ‘coming out’ post and it made me cry, so lovely x

  59. It sounds like you’re really getting there now, very exciting! Good luck with this last bit and fingers crossed with the agent. I’ve not heard of Britain’s Next Bestseller so will have a look.

  60. I was just about to suggest Ellie at Sea is really good too till I realised they’re the same person. DOH! 😀

  61. New blog design is great. Looking forward to seeing how your book cover comes out. Don’t know anything about that site either, sorry. You’ve done an amazing job to get so far on with the kids still being so little and demanding of your time.

  62. Very exciting! I can imagine how you feel about having a book published. To many emotions wrapped in to one project I am sure! 🙂

  63. Fab news that you’re getting so close to the full submission stage. I’ve not used the BNB site much, but have taken a look at it. It’s worth expiring from what I can see-a useful option especially as you have lots of online support, as said above by Denise x

  64. So great to hear that the book’s pushing on, and your supportive hubby is worth his weight in gold. Good feedback and ideas are very valuable. Good to hear about the family too, who all seem to be getting on fine. Good luck with the agent, but if that doesn’t work out then the Britain’s Next Bestseller seems like a great idea too. I’m sure you have lots of hard won support out there in the blogging community already.

  65. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Ooooh! So excited for you – it sounds like you’re getting ever closer to the finishing line with your book! What a busy week – I don’t know how you fitted it all in – hope you enjoyed legoland! Thanks for linking up Renee, I’m so enjoying following the journey of your book. xxx #WhatImWriting

  66. Thank you so much for dropping by Claudia! It’s been a long time coming for me, and this is my teeny window of opportunity. I am really excited about it 🙂

  67. That’s fantastic, I have always loved the idea of writing a book but I don’t think I have enough of the creative flair.
    You must be so excited about it!
    Good Luck.

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