Book update: did I make my deadline?

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The short answer to the question in the title is no, I didn’t. When I first started writing my weekly book updates two months ago Halloween seemed like a reasonable date to press the self-publish button. Then my baby started waking up to ten times every night and beginning my day before 5am didn’t seem quite as appealing. Then I went back to work and had even less time to write. Then in a flash of inspiration a few weeks ago I added a whole new section to the book, which has needed to go through the edit process.

In my update last week I said I was almost finished editing, and this week’s update is basically the same. I can smell the finishing line but am not quite there yet. The exciting news is that I’ve purchased my ISBN, and finalised the artwork for the cover.

After yet another brutal night on Saturday, I checked the time: 4:08am. I went for a pee then toyed with the idea of crawling back under the duvet, but realised it was my only chance to work on the book all weekend. So I bit the bullet, went into the office and got the laptop out. Fortunately bubs slept for two hours and the girls had a ‘lie-in’ until 6:30. Result!

So that’s the truth about how I’m getting this book written. Every teeny tiny window of opportunity is being utilised. I’ve not been blogging nearly as much, or joining in with half the linkies that I usually do. I’ve hardly socialised mid week for months. I have immersed myself in the book and spend almost all of my writing time on it.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to put myself under the pressure of working towards another deadline, and to be honest I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get it published before the year is out. It’s been bloody hard work, but I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it in the end!

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  1. I love this old post which popped up in my Twitter feed just now. Very relevant for me at the moment too. I’m in awe that you got up at that hour to get to work on the book even after having lots of night wake ups. I love the idea of blogging through the process of writing a book to give a behind the scenes angle to it. I’m looking forward to going back through and reading more now! Well done – it’s a really inspirational read to show that anyone can find the time to write if it’s something they want badly enough, even with kids that don’t sleep. xx

  2. Thank you so much for your support everyone. You might be interested in my recent update here: http://mummytries.com/2014/11/10/book-update-almost-there/

  3. […] a bit of a panic last week I cracked on, worked hard on the book and handed it over to an editor this morning. She is going to […]

  4. It’s a self-help book about how I overcame my dysfunctional childhood and self-destructive young adulthood… basically all the things I did that got me from being a complete car wreck to a happy, normal person…

    My baby boy *hates* sleep as did his 5yo sister for three years before having him so I’m used to it (kind of). Thanks so much for your lovely comments xx

  5. #allaboutyou !! wrong hashtag! lol

  6. Ooo I’ve only just found your blog and have no idea what your book is about! but well done for getting this far! sounds like you are very nearly there! and I would definitely be going back to sleep at 4am…well I’d try if Thomas would let me! #brilliantblogposts

  7. I think you’re officially my super hero Renee! I have no idea how you manage to write this book with children and a non-sleeping baby, it’s incredible! Keep going lady, you’ll get there in the end, and we’re all rooting for you! x

  8. Izzie Anderton says:

    Keep going lovely it’s all you can do. Everything will work out fine in the end!

  9. If you put yourself under too much pressure you’ll crack and it sounds like you’ve got a very busy life at the moment. Take it easy. Publish the book when it’s ready. Exciting to have bought your ISBN! Hope the editing is going well. 🙂

  10. There’s a reason for everything – you wouldn’t have discovered that essential extra chapter if you’d pushed for an earlier deadline. At some stage you will draw the line, and you are so incredibly committed to be spending every spare moment on it, it is sure to be worth it in the end. Thanks so much for linking up to All About You hon, good luck!

  11. Crikey Renee, you’ve got such steely determination and discipline… I’m pretty certain my duvet would have won! Very, very exciting about your ISBN purchase. When you get your ISBN in black and white, it really truly is satisfying and gives you such a boost 🙂 it’s like your numbers co,ing up on the lottery! #WhatImWriting

  12. The last thing you want to do at this point is rush it. You’re doing well to find all those small windows of opportunity for writing. I gave myself a deadline of November to publish my second, it’s now looking like late Jan / early Feb. I think that’s fine though. To be honest there are too many books out in the run up to Christmas, you’re competing with all the ‘celeb’ books and a lot of new releases by big names. Personally I’d go for New Year, but do what feels right for you. It sounds geeky – but purchasing an ISBN number is exciting! It makes things feel official. Looking forward to seeing your cover.

  13. I’m in awe of what you’ve achieved! And deadline schmedline, they are very useful for focussing the mind but not to be used as a beating up on yourself stick! Good luck with the rest of the editing process and looking forward to hearing about the final press of the button! #thetruthabout

  14. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    You have done amazingly well so far. Give yourself a break, sleepless nights are tough, you’re allowed to find it hard. Keep going, almost there xx

  15. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Blimey lovely, you have so much dedication to be writing amongst all of the chaos having 3 kids must bring, especially with the sleepless nights!! So you didn’t make your deadline but you should be so proud of how much you have achieved so far and I know you’ll get there soon enough! 🙂 xx

  16. Keep going, you are doing SO well and it really definitely will be worth it in the end. xx

  17. Le Coin de Mel says:

    You are so, so close now, Renée. I can hardly believe you managed to get to that stage in the first place. You are amazing! xx

  18. You’re doing so brilliantly, to get as far as you have done with everything else going on is amazing! You’ll get there, and it will be amazing x

  19. You will get there and spending the time now to be happy with the edits is all worth it. Am so impressed with how you manage to juggle everything – I definitely would have caved in to the desire to crawl back under the duvet. So looking forward to reading your book when it is ready to be published and love your updates on how it is progressing x

  20. maddy@writingbubble says:

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I’m SO IMPRESSED by your dedication! I mean the chances of me forsaking those two extra hours of sleep in order to write at 4.08 am are… well… it would never happen! Well done! And it sounds like you are so close to finishing. New year sounds like an ideal time to release your sort of book – everyone is looking out to make changes in their lives then. Very exciting! Thanks for linking to #whatImwriting xx

  21. Keep going. So close! There’s no hurry to get it all done. Your deadline is fluid.
    Can’t wait to read it x

  22. Yes, deadlines can be handy as goals but if they’re self imposed they can also be more flexible. I agree, the commitment is the key and you definitely have that in bucket loads-it will happen but maybe not by Christmas (possibly one of the most crazy times of the year.) Be kind to yourself and I’m very excited for you too x

  23. It’s true – a deadline gives you an obvious goal but it’s self imposed and you always have the option to move your own goalposts! I used to work on the fringes of publishing and your mention of ISBNs really takes me back. I also remember reading an interview with an author who admitted to writing their book in all the snatched moments they could whilst working full time including the toilet cubicles at work! I think that kind of dedication to the process will be so evident in the final article. Thanks so much for linking to #thetruthabout honey – I’m so pleased to welcome you! 🙂 xx

  24. Well console yourself in the knowledge that you blog far more than me and I don’t go out to work and I am not writing a book!!!

  25. Ah it sounds like you’re so close! I really wouldn’t worry about not hitting the deadline though. It’s way more important to be happy with your words before you release them to the world than to meet an arbitrary date. Even if it does take another couple of months before it’s ready to go then that’s insignificant on the scale of things! You’re juggling so much and what you’ve achieved so far is pretty incredible. And you will get there. Xx

  26. It won’t be a never ending process, if you keep working on it, even if it is just a little bit each day you will get there!

  27. Christina ALTEIRAC says:

    You’ll get there ren! I feel tired just reading about what you’ve been doing. You should be so proud of yourself for what you’ve achieved so far and there’s so much more to come! Love, tines xo

  28. It’s only because the end is so close that you feel like this. Take it one step at a time and you’ll get there.

  29. You are getting there! You may not have hit your target but you are very nearly there!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

  30. You’ll get there Renee. You’ve put so much work in already… so don’t beat yourself up. And you are allowed to take some time out xx

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