Kick Ass Breakfasts that Won’t Have You Riding the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

kick ass breakfasts

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s absolutely imperative that we eat the right kind of breakfast. You probably don’t need me to tell you that sugar laden cereal, or toast with sugary spread on the top are not sustaining meals. Apart from anything else, when we start our morning like this, it’ll have us riding the blood sugar rollercoaster all day long. We’ll crave more sugar, and probably be reaching for the biscuits or cakes before lunchtime, and again afterwards.

Fat burning breakfasts are the best

The healthiest among us would struggle with fatigue if we’re eating tons of sugar, and for those of us with conditions that cause insulin resistance, such as PCOS, it’s just asking for trouble.

I’m not here to bamboozle you with science (if only I were capable of that), all I can do is share my own personal experiences. What I can say, is that I noticed an immediate improvement in my energy levels once I switched to eating fat burning breakfasts almost five years ago.

In a nutshell, meals consisting mostly of fat and protein, rather than carbohydrates, take longer to move through the body, which means they keep us fuller for longer. This recent article in the New York Times explains how the sugar industry have been lying to us over ‘fat being bad’ for years, and makes for sobering reading. Here are my top fat burning breakfasts, hope you enjoy them.

awesome breakfast that doesn't have you riding the blood sugar rollercoaster number one

Onion sauteed in coconut oil and sea salt, half an avocado and three lightly cooked egg yolks

Providing they’ve come from chickens who roam freely, and aren’t being given a ton of antibiotics, eggs yolks are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the entire planet.

Egg yolks are an all round immune boosting superfood, chock full of goodness. Among other things, they are a fantastic natural source of Vitamins A, B12, D and E. Take a look at this brilliant article for more details.

Did you know that it’s the white that causes most of those who are intolerant of egg their problems? Polly’s allergy nurse told me this years ago. I find it absolutely incredulous that anyone could throw away the delicious yolk, and make themselves an egg white omelette!

awesome breakfast that doesn't have you riding the blood sugar rollercoaster number two

Cashew and courgette pancakes

This might sound like a strange concoction, but trust me these pancakes are absolutely delicious, especially if you’re hankering after something sweet.

Simply whizz up two eggs, half a courgette, a handful of cashew nuts and a dash of vanilla into liquid, then fry as you would regular pancakes. Just go easy on the toppings, I’d suggest a slathering of butter and no more than a small drizzle (1/2 tsp) of honey or maple syrup.

awesome breakfast that doesn't have you riding the blood sugar rollercoaster number three

Pork belly, slow cooked for a few hours with apple cider vinegar, onions and garlic

Bacon’s great, but in my humble opinion, pork belly is so much tastier. Also unless you’re making it from scratch (like I did here), bacon is usually loaded with excess salt and nitrates. Pork belly is completely natural, and takes minimal effort to cook up a big batch. Just thinking about this dish is making my mouth water!

Perfectly boiled eggs

The simplest breakfast of them all, and one for those who are strapped for time, is the humble and much underrated boiled egg. I like my yolks runnier than the rest of my household are comfortable with, so I boil mine for three minutes if the eggs are small and four if they’re large. My favourite toppings are raw salted butter, or coconut oil and sea salt.

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