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Best Friend’s Birthday

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Although my good friends are scattered across the world, I am very fortune that one of them isn’t too far away and also has kids my girls’ age. The two of us worked together almost ten years ago, and quickly realised we had a lot in common. She has been a constant in my life throughout tough times, happy times and heaps of fun in between. I deeply respect her for setting up her own business a couple of years ago and making a massive success out of it. She is an amazing person to have around, and I adore her.

Four years ago – for my birthday – hubby booked me into a luxury day spa (my first day out sans baby who had just turned one). The spa had a 2 for 1 deal on, so my friend came with and we had a great time chatting, using the facilities and being pampered. We vowed that we’d make it a tradition for each of our birthdays every year and although the spa part hasn’t happened again, we have stuck to our word about meeting up. Once we agree on dates they go into the diary super early and are set in stone. Then we get to look forward to treating ourselves to a day out, and leave the older kids with the hubby’s.

Saturday was one of these days. Usually we go somewhere nice for lunch, eat way too much, drink a bottle of vino then go for a mooch around the shops. This time round we needed a different format to accommodate our extra guest (my three month old) and my diet. My friend is a photographer and general lover of pretty things, so we went to the fabulous V&A Museum. Deciding to make the most of the glorious day we walked from Victoria station, and had a beautiful stroll full of history. When we got to Knightsbridge we spied a charity shop, and I managed to pick up a stunning pair of Manolo Blahnik mules (hardly worn, just £29) which I plan on wearing to a wedding in July.

We got to the museum just before two, and stayed until they kicked us out at half five. My highlights were the jewellery, poster (see above) and photography exhibitions. We also sat in the gorgeous garden and enjoyed watching kids splashing around in the brand new paddling pool that has recently been installed. Then we walked back to Victoria, and said goodbye.

It was a great day, but went too fast as they always do. We’re already planning the next one!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by!

    Ahhh that must be tough! At least we live in the era of Skype though. A few of my close friends now live in Australia and i have no idea what i’d do without it 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’ll find one 🙂

  3. Tee hee, you are forgiven my lovely xx

  4. ohh that’s such a nice day out! I miss my friends back home. Living in a different country as an expat quite hard it seems that every time I manage to bond with someone it’s time for them to move to another country. #MagicMoments

  5. I really want a friend like that! Thats like an angel on earth =) Belated happy birthday =) #MagicMoments

  6. so sorry i missed that bit about it being your friends birthday .. that will teach me x

  7. It really is Denise, and I’m pleased we haven’t let life get in the way.

    I could not believe my eyes when I saw the shoes, must do a little post about them. Charity shop and eBay bargains are the absolute best – good value, good cause and kind to the environment. What’s not to like?!

  8. Thanks Izzie, it really was fab!

  9. It’s usually the only gripe I have on these days out! We’ve already decided to really treat ourselves next year when neither of us will be pregnant or breastfeeding a small baby 🙂

  10. Thanks so much!!

  11. Ahhh thanks honey, it was my friends birthday this time round 🙂 You’re so right, and I think the mark of a true friendship to not have to be in each others pockets the whole time xx

  12. It really is 🙂 thanks for stopping by x

  13. Thanks hon x

  14. It wasn’t my birthday hon, it was my friend’s. Totally agree with days out getting better each year. I think as days out sans kids get fewer we appreciate them even more 🙂

  15. I’m very blessed to have amazing friends, they took the place of my family a long time ago

  16. Thanks Kim, it really was x

  17. It was a really fab day, made even better by the beautiful weather xx

  18. So nice that you are able to have at least one day where you can meet a great friend and have relatively child-free fun! Always a treat. X #magicmoments

  19. What a great tradition….Sounds like you had a wonderful day x

  20. Sounds like a great birthday day out and some lovely friendships you have

  21. Happy Birthday sounds like you had an amazing day. No matter how it was spent each year it gets better and better. Lovely lovely post. #magicmoments

  22. A most wonderful day and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much x

  23. Time with old friends is so special x

  24. Firstly happy belated birthday! and secondly this sounds like me and my bestie! its so so nice to have that constant there and not feel guilty when life gets in the way.

    thanks for linking up and sharing your special day with #magicMoments x

  25. Lovely tradition and I’m glad you all had a lovely day 🙂

  26. Sounds like a lovely day out, and why does the time always go so quickly when you’re having so much fun?!

  27. Sounds like a fabulous birthday tradition and here’s to some well-deserved time off.

  28. Such a lovely tradition.  There’s something special when you meet a friend and know you have so much in common and can then be completely comfortable with them.

    The Manolos must have been a lovely birthday surprise to yourself.  I adore charity shop bargains, or eBay ones, and I swear they make me feel doubly good for saving all that money and having a beautiful piece to wear.  Just going to a shop doesn’t have the same excitement.  


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