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Why I’ve decided to publish Become the Best You here on the Blog

My first book, Become the Best You, was written in 2014 while I was deep in the midst of maternity leave with my third child. He’s now four and a half, where on earth does the time go?

For those new around here, Become the Best You is an autobiographical self-help book. It walks you through my dysfunctional childhood, and how it led to a self-destructive young adulthood. It details my journey from rock bottom borderline alcoholic to happy wife and mama.

The initial response to be book was amazing. Sales were great, social media shares were being given unasked for. I had it trending on Twitter and the five star Amazon reviews were pouring in. Unfortunately as my time became more and more stretched, momentum to promote the book waned.

Almost four years on, and sales are pretty much non existent. So I’ve decided to publish the book as a series of blog posts. I want my story to continue helping people and hopefully by doing this it will. Should you wish to purchase a copy of the book, you can do so by clicking here.

become the best youBecome the Best You is an easy to read (and digest) book, and the overall reader feedback has been very positive. Some readers said it changed their lives, because it opened their eyes to their own demons. Many have said everyone could use reading the book, because it’s so relatable and impossible to not take something away from it. Others have said it felt like they were sitting in a cafe with me, having a chat over a cup of coffee.

Why should you bother reading Become the Best You?

There are many self-help books out there telling you how to think, what to wear and how to behave. Qualified professionals are desperate to give you their views on any subject matter you require guidance on. What’s so special about me? I’m just a regular person. I don’t have letters after my name or a rags to riches story, so why should you bother reading this book?

After having a dysfunctional childhood, and self-destructive young adulthood, I broke away from my past and created a much brighter future. Rather than just talk about my children never having to experience what I went through myself (like my parents did) I worked damn hard to ensure it was the case. Throughout this book I will share personal stories from my life and insights on how I overcame the many obstacles I have faced over the years.

I’ll tell you how I broke the cycle of dysfunction, and hopefully it will inspire you to go off and do the same. Getting passed my past wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible. I promise not to talk about things that I have no personal experience of, and I won’t pretend to have all the answers. But I might just have the ones you are looking for.

become the best youIf you can identify with this list of demons I had to conquer, this book is for you!
– Raised by parents who had dysfunctional childhoods and subsequently had one myself
– Moved house lots and went to many schools
– Suffered bullying in several schools
– Suffered sexual abuse as a child
– Left home at a very young age after not finishing school
– Struggled with depression
– Got into a lot of debt
– Had very little self-respect
– Used to sleep around
– Abused drugs and alcohol
– Put myself into unnecessary, dangerous situations

What do I hope you will achieve by reading this book?
– The ability to make peace with your past
– The ability to look in the mirror and like what you see
– The ability to find your inner strength and start respecting yourself
– The courage to re-define the rules of a relationship that has become toxic
– The courage to cut ties with people who make you miserable
– The courage to break the cycle, keep it broken and become the best you

What this book doesn’t do
– Use overly complicated words or examples that are difficult to understand
– Go into minute detail telling you exactly what you should do
– Patronise you and assume that you aren’t capable of turning your life around


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