Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose Theatre #ad

aliens love underpants at the rose theatre
Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose Theatre
the kids would not play ball, this is the best photo I could get!

Review: Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose Theatre

Back in the days when I had a social life, I used to adore going to the theatre. Being a London dweller I would go and see live shows as often as some people go to the cinema. I have always been impressed by how much so few people can achieve on stage.

Now of course it’s all about the kids, and it’s great to pass on a little tradition to them. We were lucky enough to be given press tickets to see Aliens Love Underpants Live this weekend, at the gorgeous Rose Theatre. This five wo/man show packed a lot of entertainment into the hour they were on set.

I remember thinking to myself before seeing the first children’s show we went to ‘I wonder how on earth they are going to turn a book which lasts less than five minutes into a show that is an hour long’? In the case of Aliens Love Underpants Live I needn’t have worried, because they do it remarkably well.

The actors are all very child friendly and get the kids involved in every scene. Genius for capturing their attention and keeping hold of it. The songs are really catchy (in a much less annoying than the Frozen soundtrack way) and the alien puppets they introduce aren’t scary at all. This is was a slight concern of mine in the run up to going because our autistic daughter usually finds something frightening in these situations.

Favourite bits of the show, in the kids’ words

“The songs, and the first bit where they are in school” – Polly, (almost) 6

“I loved the boy with the stripy top, and the little aliens in the spaceship that took the washing away from the washing line” – Clara, 3Β½

“errrrrrr” – Freddy, 17m (in fairness he doesn’t speak much yet, perhaps the aliens would have been able to decipher what he meant?)

It was an hour very well spent, and afterwards we treated ourselves to burgers and Montezuma chocolate. It was certainly the Best Sunday we’ve had in a long time.

Check out the short video below to learn more about Aliens Love Underpants Live, which is on tour for the rest of this year. See here for the tour schedule and here for other recent reviews.




*we were given press tickets to see this fab show, in exchange for this honest blog post. For my full disclosure policy, please click here.


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14 thoughts on “Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose Theatre #ad

  1. I loved that book and the show sounds amazing! I wish the Tubblet was a little younger so I could still sneak her into these things. Glad you had a wonderful time. #sharethejoy

  2. Sounds like it was a great show – I’ve heard of the book although we haven’t read it. Love that you’ve shared your kids’ reviews, especially Freddie’s! Thanks for linking to #ftmob πŸ™‚

  3. That’s one of the kids’ firm favourites! There are a few books they keep requesting and this one’s a gem. I haven’t taken them to the theatre in ages. Definitely something to do soon. x

  4. I was brought up on theatre too and I miss it! This sounds like a great show – Saturday we were at the In The Night Garden live show in Richmond but I think my kids would’ve been better suited to ‘Aliens’. We’ve taken JJ to a couple of shows at the Polka Children’s Theatre in Wimbledon before which has been great but The Rose is literally no more than a ten minute walk from my parents’ house so a show there would be ideal. I’ll have to look out for their programme. X

  5. It’s a great rhyming book, as is dinosaurs love underpants. Definitely worth getting for little ones. The show is just fab, can’t recommend it enough x

  6. Like you, I love going to the theatre and know that I have passed that love on to my children. It is great when there are child friendly shows that can start to engage a child’s interest in the wonders of a live performance. I took mine to see The Gruffalo which was also great. Will definitely try to catch this one when it is in the area. Thanks for sharing #ShareTheJoy

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