a2 Milk Could Be the Answer to Your Dairy Problem

a2milk could be the answer to your dairy problem Regular readers will know that since being on the GAPS Diet in 2014, I’ve cleared up a lot of my food intolerance issues.

Gone is the sore bloated stomach, diarrhea and nasty wind after eating dairy. These days good quality cheese, and probiotic rich home-fermented yoghurt and sour cream are a part of my daily food intake.

Sound familiar?

My cows dairy intolerance stems back to childhood, and I stopped eating it in 2002 long before exclusion diets were a regular occurrence. I noticed huge positive differences to the way I felt back then, but being in my early twenties, living and working in London and often eating pre-prepared food, it was a lot harder to stick to a strict exclusion long term. I’d mostly eat dairy free, but if it was too much faff or an alternative wasn’t available, then I’d have whatever was on offer and suffer the consequences. This continued for over a decade until healing my gut with GAPS.

I’ve had a long old journey to get to the point of tolerating dairy, but I never drink cows milk because it still does not agree with me. Not only does it make me feel ill in my stomach, it leaves a foul taste in my mouth which is difficult to get rid of. In light of all this, I was thrilled when the lovely folk at a2 Milk got in touch and asked if I would be interested in conducting an in-house experiment. 

a2 Milk could be the answer to your dairy problem

“a2 Milk is pure cows’ milk that naturally feels better in your body

Unlike regular milk, it naturally contains only the easy to digest A2 protein. 100% free from the inflammatory A1 protein – guaranteed.

If you think drinking regular cows’ milk is leaving you with unwanted irritations, try a2 Milk and see if you, like thousands of other people, feel the difference.” (from the a2 Milk website)

a2_milk with biscuit

It’s only been a few days, but so far so good! I haven’t noticed any ill effects or a funny after taste from drinking a2 Milk. This is already a great sign, and I’m excited by the prospect of being able to have a glass of milk with a home made biscuit every now and then.

My friend and fellow blogger Nathalie of the Intolerant Gourmand has been drinking a2 Milk for a whole year now, and it has dramatically improved her IBS symptoms. Please check out her brilliantly informative recent blog post for full details.

I will keep you all posted with how I’m getting on.

If you suspect you might have a dairy intolerance, this infographic could be of use to you.

a2 Milk Infographic a1 intolerance v lactose intolerance**This is a collaborative post, please click here for my full disclosure policy**

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