A Whole Day Off

Andy & Renee Oct15
Very happy looking hubby and I

I’ve never made a secret of how challenging I find motherhood, I think most women feel the same, but not everyone admits it. Life can be tough when you’ve got just one child, especially if they don’t sleep, so three kids that are up tag teaming in the night start to wear you down a bit. Recently it has felt that just getting to the end of the day without having a major catastrophe to deal with is worthy of celebration. A nice little break was long overdue and very welcome. 

As regular readers will know, I weaned my youngest off the breast in August. Rightly anticipating that it would be a noisy affair, we sent the girls to my in-laws for a two day sleepover. It was the first time they’d had them overnight and it went really well. This has naturally opened the door for longer babysitting, and we figured that F would be able to cope now that he’s not having milk. We had arranged months ago for them to have the children for the day, but a few weeks back we asked if they would mind having all three overnight too. They gladly agreed, so we took the plunge, ignored the cost and booked ourselves into a swanky London hotel. Then devised a plan of what to do (read: where to eat and drink) and counted down the days, hours and minutes until our day off which was yesterday.

The fabulous #whatimwriting crew
The fabulous What I’m Writing Crew

It coincided with another meet up I had planned months before – getting together with some of the ladies from the What I’m Writing group. As I’ve mentioned before, these lovelies have been a godsend to me; always so supportive and helpful with giving feedback. We started planning this lunch at the beginning of the year and seven of us made it out in the end. We had such a fab time at Browns at Butler’s Wharf – there was vino aplenty, the tastiest beef short rib I’ve ever had, and lots of laughter – the river front venue wasn’t too shabby either. Hubby came and collected me at 3pm, and although it was a shame to be the first to leave, it was great to finally meet them. Thank you Maddy, Rachael, Becky, Nicola, Emily and Sophie for a brilliant start to my weekend!

Hubby and I made our way to the hotel near Old Street via a G&T pit stop and some jeans shopping for him. We were super impressed with the M by Montcalm, and it felt good to be part of such vibrant weekend shenanigans. We headed out fairly early onto the busy streets of Shoreditch, and it felt like being on holiday. We had a couple of cocktails en route to dinner, and I was amazed how much drinks cost these days. I guess I’m showing my age, and lack of social life here, but I was under the impression that a fiver was the going rate. Oh how wrong I was, in actual fact it’s usually double that. 

Pop Up Heaven at Pump Shoreditch
Pop Up Food Heaven at Pump Shoreditch

We discovered that most Hoxton restaurants don’t take bookings, which basically means that all the best places have a huge queue outside them. By the time we got to where we’d originally planned on going to (at just gone 7pm) there were about fifty people waiting in line already, so we decided to check out Pump instead. I’m so glad we did, because we had stumbled upon my idea of foodie heaven. This old petrol station has been turned into a smorgasbord of pop up restaurants, catering to absolutely anyone’s taste. I find the innovation behind this place utterly mind blowing, and will be writing about it in more detail another time. We went for ribs, chicken wings and fries at BoneYard, which were flavoursome beyond belief. The photo below doesn’t do the meal justice, but it was the best I could do in such dim lighting. 

Ribs and chicken wings at BoneYard @ Pump Shoreditch
Ribs and chicken wings at BoneYard @ Pump Shoreditch

After our feast, and another G&T, we headed to a super trendy bar in the Ditch that we had pre-booked. Seriously, who knew you had to book a table in a bar these days? We had two more cocktails there, and I was so tired by the time I had finished the second drink that I knew I’d be done for if we didn’t get moving. So we went back to the hotel bar for one last G&T, and up to bed at a sensible 11pm. Some might call this a wasted opportunity, but I call it being kind to myself and seizing the chance to have some sleep for the first time in years! Oh how blissful it was to not wake up until 8:30am.

kiddywinkos OCT 15
It was a fab day off, but great to get home to this lot!

After a yummy breakfast, ton of coffee and half an hour sauna/steam room/jacuzzi in the hotel spa, it was time to start heading home. As predicted the kids and grandparents had a ball, and the wee ones slept better for their Granny and Grandad than they have done (collectively) for us in months. It was a fabulous adventure, but lovely to be home. We’ve decided that weekends like this are too good for our soul to not make a regular occurrence, so we shall definitely be doing it again some time soon.

I’d like to say that I have not been paid to write any of this post, I just wanted to share my awesome weekend with you all.

How was yours?  πŸ™‚

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21 thoughts on “A Whole Day Off

  1. That’s so lovely! Unfortunately my in-laws are over two hours away, which means it’s not so easy to orchestrate but it certainly won’t be stopping us now πŸ™‚

  2. The in-laws were such a life-saver with our little lad. He’s stayed with them occasionally since he was six months old. It’s lovely that he is building up his own relationship with them, even though he doesn’t seem them as much now. And it helped us work out that he would sleep better in his travel cot as he always slept better at theirs.

  3. So glad you got to have this fab weekend with Andy! I loved going away to Bath without the kids for my birthday weekend back in August – it is definitely good for the soul. I just wish that I was able to get out more without it causing “issues” if you know what I mean. Xx

  4. Thank you lovely lady, it was a fab day. Great to meet you properly, I know we crossed paths at Brit Mums, but that whole afternoon is a complete blur for me! Hopefully see you again xx

  5. It was wonderful Rachael, not getting up until 8:30am was the icing on the cake. So great to finally meet you hon, hope to have another lunch sometime soon xx

  6. It was lovely to meet you, and I wish you could have stayed longer too! But glad you made it out and had some well deserved rest. I don’t think anyone finds motherhood easy but you’ve had a particularly tough time and really earned your break (well more than that actually, but an interrupted night’s sleep must have been a real gift!) x

  7. It was the very best 24 hours I’ve had in a long long time hon. Great to finally put #whatimwriting faces to names – hope you all had lots of fun for the rest of the afternoon. Can’t wait until next time xxx

  8. It’s so important isn’t it hon. I’ve always had child free lunches with my best mates over the years, it’s so important to keep friendships going and do things outside of the family from time to time. Must do some dancing next time xxx

  9. Yes to this, my love! It hasn’t been until the last few months that I’ve realised how important a social life is for the soul. I’ve been going out fairly regularly (without my husband) and it has been great to kick back and see friends, and even have the odd dance! In fact, although it wasn’t quite the weekend yet, that’s exactly what I did on Thursday night. Good, good times! (And Β£5 for a g&t.) Xx

  10. Sounds like you had an AMAZING time! And the kids and grandparents had fun too – what could be better?! And as for bed by 11 being a wasted opportunity – no way – a decent sleep is surely the perfect end to a perfect day? I LOVED meeting you all. Seems quite surreal but also completely normal if that makes sense? Looking forward to meeting you again. xxx

  11. It really did, some things just all come together and as you know they lift the spirits so very much! Your weekend sounds like it was fab too, although not so much with the sleep. Hope you get lots of Zzzz’s tonight xxx

  12. Sounds like a well deserved break:-). I’m so glad for you that you managed it and it all went well. I’d be with you on an 11pm bedtime too! My husband was on a work trip this weekend so I took the opportunity to visit some friends in Somerset with the girls and another friend. We all had a ball, children happy, lots of good catch up and prosecco, although crazy sleep – I must have swapped with you;-). Xxx

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