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A Truly Inspiring Week

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. It was one of those rare times (perhaps the only time) since becoming a mum where I was out more than I was at home. It’s not often than I find myself feeling truly inspired as much as I have been this week, and it felt great!

Cash Carraway
The gorgeous Cash Carraway aka The Comeback Mum

The Children’s Society / The Come Back Mum

I was honoured when the Children’s Society contacted me and asked to help spread the word about Seriously Awkward. They are campaigning for the government to change the law, so it protects vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds from harm. I did a little bit of digging around while I was writing my post, and it led me to the blog of a lady called Cash Carraway.

I’d first seen her blog at the start of the year when it was created, and had a few Twitter chats with Cash at the time (as you do), then life got in the way and I hadn’t checked in for absolutely ages. All I can say is this woman has a story not to be missed. She has pulled herself out of a quagmire of shit to be a good mum, and she uses her blog to raise awareness of other’s plights. She has certainly made a fan in me, and I’m super excited about meeting her in person next month.

Tots 100 Blog Camp 

On Thursday I went to Blog Camp Vibe, a blogging event hosted by Tots 100. It was sponsored by a company called Vibe Israel, who organise tours around Israel to show people how great the country is. I have to say it sounds like an amazing place to visit, and one that is full of creativity! Who knew that next to the infamous Silicone Valley in the States, Tel Aviv has the highest number of start ups in the world?   

We were treated to sessions led by classic success stories. People that have created thriving businesses, essentially from nothing. The one that struck a particular chord was by the founder of 24 Me, an app that streamlines all your accounts into place, even internet banking. What I didn’t agree with though, was the old chestnut that we could achieve the perfect work/life balance if we were just being smarter with our time. For someone like me who has three kids, additional needs, no childcare and limited funds, it has brought me back full circle to the realisation that I can’t have it all in the traditional sense. That is absolutely fine though, accepting my limitations has led to a much happier me this week. I’ve taken a huge step back from social media, and feel fab for it.    

I really enjoyed the blogger led sessions too. In particular Elizabeth and Karen’s talk on the practicalities and legalities of turning your blog into your income. Lucy’s session all about finding your Instagram style and growing your following was the kick up the bum I needed to re-evaluate what I’m doing on IG. Her words ‘if it wouldn’t make it on your blog, don’t post to IG’ have become my mantra. At this point in life, with my time being as limited as it is, I will never be able to hone my photography skills to rival the big guys, but I’m making small baby steps to improve upon what I have. Thanks ladies for providing much food for thought, and thanks again to all at Tots 100 for a great day. 

what I'm writing lunch

What I’m Writing Lunch

On Saturday morning I headed to Kings Cross station to meet Maddy off her train, and we headed to London Bridge together to meet the rest of our what I’m writing crew. After chatting on line for over a year, and supporting each other in our various writing projects, it was brilliant to finally meet these lovelies in person. You can read more about our lunch here

Mind blowing innovation at Pump Shoreditch

My lunchtime soiree was just the start of a whole day off for hubby and I. It was our first child free break since having our eldest in the summer of 2009, and couldn’t have come at a better time. I probably don’t need to tell you how amazing it was to have some adult time, reconnect and recharge the old batteries.

What I would like to tell you about though is Pump Shoreditch, which Hubby had heard about but was news to me. This is an old disused petrol station, that has been turned into a buzzing hive of pop up street food restaurants. I can guarantee that there is something for everyone there, and this trendy collection of eateries is not to be missed if you happen to find yourself in Hoxton. We’ll definitely be returning. 

So there you go. A truly inspiring week! How was yours? 

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  1. I was really hoping to come away from Blogcamp with the silver bullet for finding more hours in the day and was a little disappointed initially that it doesn’t exist. However, I’ve done exactly what you have and I’ve dropped a bit of the mummy guilt about not being able to do it all. It is liberating!

  2. It was lovely to meet the girls Jude! You’ll have to come along to our next lunch xxx

  3. What a week! So lovely to hear about the #whatimwriting group getting together for lunch! I have watched this from afar in my day job. (I collate #BritainsNextBestBlogPosts for BNBS publisher and have often used posts from the #whatimwriting group. Glad you guys had fun! xxxx

  4. Oh you are lovely, I wish it was that simple but unfortunately it’s not, SM is definitely a big part of blogging… it’s tricky for someone like me who loves and loathes it in equal measure 😉

  5. Glad you’re feeling good this week. I imagine that social media must feel quite a pressurising thing, as it’s so entangled with blogging. Your blog is great, though, I don’t think you need social media.

  6. What a fantastic week you had with so much food for thought for you.
    My mind was whizzing around after Blog Camp and has given me some real motivation X

  7. I am tbh lovely, lots of other stuff going on too, which I’ll write about another time. Hope you’re well xx

  8. Busy but productive week, lovely – you must be knackered! X

  9. Me too 🙂 It was great to do some stuff for me for once xx

  10. What a brilliantly inspiring week lovely! Love it when you come away from something, or read something that puts a real spring in your step! x

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