A tough week #thetruth

tough week buggies
You know it’s bad when all three kids are in buggies!
tough week C&A
daddy gets a five minute nap while 2yo watches Peter Rabbit
tough week Fred
baby boy slept most of the day (which led to a fun night!)
tough week P
very broken looking 5yo 🙁

I was originally going to link up an old post for Tuesday’s The Truth About… but after having a hellish week decided to write something fresh last night while I was feeding the baby.

I blogged on Wednesday about everyone being under the weather, but thought we were on the mend. Turns out I was wrong, and actually the worst was yet to come. For some inexplicable reason, even though she was on her knees with exhaustion, 5yo decided this would be the perfect week to start playing games at bedtime. Ones that involved getting out of her bed dozens of times, and making loads of noise so her sister couldn’t get to sleep either. This led to the return of the cough, and poor 2yo being in a mess come Friday.

I kept her home with me yay for WFH and planned on both girls having a super early night to get them back on track. Little did we know it would be our worst night taking almost three hours (and lots of tears) from putting them to bed to them actually going to sleep. As you can imagine this did their coughs and colds wonders.

Saturday morning was hideous, with the girls fighting like cat and dog. We were saved by our lovely friends coming over for lunch, and it ended up being a great afternoon. Bedtime did involve a fair bit of stropping but only took an hour from start to finish instead of three.

Baby boy treated me to another corker on Saturday night and was up every half an hour or so from midnight. We’d both drift off as I was feeding him, but he woke and started crying every time I tried putting him in his cot. All he wanted was the comfort of the boob, and as he’s been unwell and has teeth coming through, who am I to argue? It made for a rather grumpy start to Sunday at 5:50am though.

I realised quite early on that the only way we would have a chance of it not being a complete nightmare was if hubby and I stayed calm, and if we made our lives as easy as possible. We didn’t have any trains from our station due to engineering works, so we packed all three kids into buggies and set off for a five mile walk to the nearest station that did have trains. Our usual 20 min journey to get to our favourite farmers market took almost two hours, but it was the best thing we could have done, because all three of them napped and were much happier for the bonus sleep.

We got the shopping and a bite to eat for lunch, then took a stroll round the park. There was a little Christmas fair on so we had a mooch, the girls made some Christmas cards at the craft stall, then 2yo announced she had done a poo so we took that as a cue to leave. The journey back was fine as we gave the girls our phones to watch TV and play games on. 5yo fell asleep on the way home and was in a foul mood when she woke up which led to a full scale meltdown. Thankfully that seemed to get it all out her system and bedtime wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately all the sleep baby boy had in his buggy led to him wanting to play all night, and refusing to be in his cot at all. I don’t mind him sharing our bed but am getting concerned in case he crawls off the end of it when we’ve conked out! 2yo woke up just gone 5am and screamed the house down this morning, not really sure what that was about. Hopefully it’s just the fallout from being ill and everyone will be in brighter spirits this week.  

tough week REn
I’ve had better weeks!

 So there you have it – a warts and all account of three sick kids and two zombie parents. Please keep your fingers crossed that this week is kinder to my little family! 


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14 Replies to “A tough week #thetruth”

  1. Hey guys, I’m a new mother and I am desperately to get my four month baby to sleep longer during night. At the moment I am fortunate to have three hours rest each night. Regards

  2. Ah what a week, I forget what it was like with little ones now my boy is a teen. I do hope you have a calmer week and good lead up to christmas.

  3. Wow that sounds like some week!
    I will keep everything crossed for you that more sleep and a quieter household will be yours next week! x

  4. Oh yuk. Just yuk. What a stinker you’ve had. You poor things 🙁 Sleep deprivation is just evilness itself. Try and remember that it WILL get easier (this is my personal mantra at the moment!!). I feel your pain with this one lovely xx

  5. Oh dear, what a week, hun! I hope you all feel better soon and the little ones sleep better this week. xxx

  6. Oh Renee, what a truly awful week you’ve had! I’m sending all sorts of positive, get well vibes your way! One of the most recent weeks like this we had, my husband was away… that was fun 🙂 Big hugs lovely xx

  7. I really feel for you all! I know weeks like this and it can bring you to your knees – well done for staying as positive as possible!
    We’re in a fairly bad sleep phase with our two year old (who has never been a wonderful sleeper) most days are starting at 4-4.30am and it’s starting to drain, especially as our eldest is fighting her bedtime at the moment. It feels like there’s no break – probably because there isn’t!!
    We’re trying to stay positive and just power through, without falling out!!
    Lovely, honest post. Good luck for next week!

  8. Oh lovely. Now that I am on the other side of our terrible sleep month, I say with hope – keep going, it will get better. You can do this. I send virtual coffee, hugs and a shoulder to cry (or nap) on xxx

  9. Oh my goodness, how I hate weeks like this. Poor you. It’s the lack of sleep isn’t it? Hoping things pick up for you soonest x

  10. Oh my word, that sounds like it has been an incredibly tough week. Well done you for staying calm on Sunday and helping make it a reasonable day in spite of your exhaustion. I really hope that you are all better soon and that this week will be a much better one for you all x

  11. Oh Renee – what a waking nightmare! I really feel for all of you. I think I would be transformed into a weeping screaming banshee if I was in your shoes but you seem to be taking it all in your stride. How is five year old coping at school? Thanks for linking up to The Truth about – I hope it helps to get it out of your system. Good luck for a better week to come. Xxx #thetruthabout

  12. Oh gosh that sounds really tough. You’ve had a really eventful few weeks so I hope it gets much much calmer over the next week and all the bugs are gone too xx

  13. Oh god I really feel for you! I have had weekends like this but you’ve made me feel positively lucky having just one! Three is a real test of patience! Well done for getting through 🙂 Sending good luck for the week ahead x

  14. Oh Reneé, what a nightmare week – you must be exhausted! Sounds like you’ve coped amazingly though. Hope everyone gets better soon and that this week is better for you. xxx

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