A Guest Post by my Lovely Husband

mothers day guest post by andy

Hi everyone, it’s Andy (or Daddy Tries?) here. We were contacted by Tesco on the run up to Mother’s Day with some inspiration to get the kids involved in organising a lovely treat to start Reneé’s special day with.

They sent us a hamper, which contained lots of bits and bobs to help us create the perfect breakfast, without too much preparation and washing up to contend with before and after. We had a choice of three Mother’s Day menus, some arts and crafts to keep the little ones busy while I was in the kitchen, and a pretty tray to deliver the meal on.

Polly Choosing Mother's Day Flowers in Tesco

Preparations began on the Saturday with a trip to Tesco for breakfast ingredients, and a nice bunch of flowers chosen by Polly, which were given as a pre-Mother’s Day treat.

The next bit of preparation was to get agreement from all the small people in the house to give their mummy the gift of sleep. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, Reneé wasn’t getting her hopes up.

Team Mini Davis making mother's days cardsStop the Press! They slept!

Well, sort of. At least no-one woke up Reneé in the night, and the kids managed to stay quiet enough to give her a lie in until 7:30 am, which is pretty unheard of in our family. The arts and crafts in the hamper were a great help in keeping little fingers busy making cards and pictures for their mummy.

Great breakfast to start the day

Awesome smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfastOnce Reneé woke up the mini team got cracking on our chosen recipe – scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, which is her favourite.

All this led to big smiles on Mrs Tries face which, of course, was the whole point! All in all, it was the perfect start to a great Mother’s Day. 
**Huge thanks to my lovely husband and children for making Mother’s Day so special for me. It really was a great day, and the memories will last a long time.** 

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