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A Family Update

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I’m stealing this idea from fabulous Mel over at Le Coin de Mel! After reading her recent update I realised how great it would be to record some of the things my kidlets are up to. Time seems to be flying and I can hardly believe that it’s mid September already. That fat guy will be coming down the chimney before we know it!

Eldest @ 5y2m
– she has been loving year one at school from day one. It was a much nicer start than the one we had to reception
– just two weeks into gymnastics and she’s already found her feet, I think it’s going to be really good for her physical confidence. Being so small she often lags behind her peers and it’ll be wonderful to see her catch up
– she’s relishing hanging out with the big girl neighbours
– she is looking very grown up with a new short hair cut “like mummy’s”
– Frozen still reigns supreme, most recent purchase was an Elsa/Anna lunch box and water bottle

Toddler @ 2y7m
– after a couple of weeks of roughing up her brother she’s being much gentler with him
– she is loving her Saturday afternoon swimming sessions with daddy
– she is as bright as a button and doesn’t miss a single trick
– she says funny things like “he probably needs some boobies mummy” when the baby cries or “Peppa Pig gives me a headache” when asked what TV programs she wants to watch
– she really enjoys helping me in the kitchen and is becoming quite useful, especially at eating cake or biscuit mixture
– she has just learnt how to put on her own shoes and is very proud of herself

Baby boy @ 7m
– he can sit up confidently now
– he eats three meals a day and snacks, and has added about 10% to our shopping bill
– he has a smile that can melt your heart
– he chit chats away in baby language
– he loves being sung to
– he gets excited when I put the sling on as he knows he’s about to get a huge cuddle and probably a feed

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  1. Oh dear Sam, that’s not good 🙁 Can’t you reason with him that he can not do healthy food as much as he wants, but when it comes to the kids you have to do the same thing? Hugs xxx

  2. I find that once we got onto the slippery slope of unhealthy snacks there was no clawing back because they are used to being given all this stuff now. I know that’s not a good excuse and I do try to limit it and substitute healthier things where possible but one day I’ve just got to let them scream which would be something I could face if I didn’t just think the hubster would come along on his day off and just ignore it all! He just simply doesn’t *do* healthy food. *sigh*

  3. Thanks lovely. Damn that pink piggie! xx

  4. Lovely update, I think that Elsa and Anna could take over the world at the moment if they wanted – it’s a cult!
    I sympathise entirely with your 2yo – Peppa gives me a headache too.

  5. Very very true, not wasting food is really important when it’s so expensive… but I wonder how many people throw food away because they are buying the cheap stuff and it doesn’t hurt as much? It’s almost more economical to go organic and local because you know that not a single scrap will end up in the bin! #justsaying

  6. With baby brain savaging my memory I think this will be a good way of looking back in the years to come 🙂

  7. I will definitely have to make it a regular post xx

  8. I hope Oliver’s getting on well at school my dear, it’s such a massive change for them. My eldest did okay, but she was exhausted the first two terms and didn’t properly get into it until the third. I’m so pleased she’s enjoying Yr 1 more 🙂 Look forward to reading your post xx

  9. Thanks lovely, that’s exactly why I did this post, to remember the little bits. We do just forget otherwise – damn that baby brain!!

  10. Yikes, that’s not good hon. Can’t you get him to at least hide the treats from the kids… if he wants them fine but they don’t have to be in full view of everyone else… not sure if yours would go for them but my kids love cashews and macadamias, which are pretty healthy as snacks go. Also plain organic live yoghurt with a little drizzle of honey goes down well as a snack. The key for me was drumming it into 5yo’s head that once she’s had dinner and pudding there are no more super sweet treats to be had. Sometimes she has half an avocado at that point which is really filling xx

  11. Thanks so much Kate, it’s a great way to preserve these little moments 🙂

  12. Lovely to celebrate the individuals they are and all those special moments and milestones

  13. JJ is a bit like that. He will eat snacks, then dinner, then pudding and still say he’s hungry! He always have some honey or peanut butter on toast after EJ has gone to bed and before he goes to bed! It is nice to see him have an appetite but I definitely need to get him having healthier snacks. Me and the hubster are not exactly on the same page with this though. I will suddenly find a 24 pack of Walkers crisps on the floor of the dining room when I come home from work and it makes my heart sink! X

  14. I love Mel’s posts too and always think, I should do that! I’m good at recording the big moments, but rubbish at the little stuff, which is of course the things you forget. Lovely record of your little ones, and really pleased to hear the your 5yo is enjoying Year 1. #MagicMoments

  15. Such a gorgeous idea from Mel, love this as you can reflect back on their development in weeks, months and years to come. I have a post in drafts about the precious moments from last week and now my eldest has started school I will be sharing soon, loved this and all your kids are thriving, amazing to read how much your 7 month old is eating too x

  16. Aww! So lovely to read and such a fab idea for a post to be able to look back on x

  17. What a great idea, I think documenting their milestones is brilliant, to be able to look back in years to come and see how they each developed individually as time passed. Dropping by from Magic Moments.

  18. It’s also true that I like to have nice food. Especially if it’s meat or fish. I have to keep these treats to a minimum, say two or three times a week. But it’s important to get good quality food inside you and the more people you have in your family, the more it mounts up, even if they are small.

    Still, it’s good for the soul, and we know neither of us wastes anything!

  19. tee hee I’ll keep my eyes peeled! It really is a fab way of preserving memories, thanks for the inspiration. All of my three have baby record books – 5yo’s is packed to the rafters with photos, anecdotes and other wonders up until she was three. I was really good with updating 2yo’s but only until she was just gone one. Poor baby boy’s is mostly empty, but at least I’ve got updates about him on the blog!

    Ahhh bless Jumpy, she’s not even two yet. You are officially Super Mum Mel! You’re coping so well with four. I change my mind every day on being completely done at three and wanting more…

  20. In fairness hon it’s probably because I’ve said to her that Peppa gives me a headache, a day without Peppa is a winner in my books!

    5yo is the same – she’ll eat her dinner then have some extras, then have pudding then announce “I’m still hungry” and have a big helping of yoghurt most nights. I can already see the baby having a huge appetite. Having witnessed the fussiness from 2yo I’d rather have it this way because it’s lovely to see them enjoying good food – it’s just not very friendly on the pocket 😉 xx

  21. I’m hearing you Denise! Our shopping bill is also high as you can imagine and hubby’s folks are the most frugal people you’ve ever met. I think they would have a heart attack if they knew how much money we spent on food…

  22. Thanks Denise, she’s loving the hair and Year One! We are still having moments of the ‘olden days’ but I’m pleased to say that things are nowhere nearly as bad as they were at the start of this year. Just hoping it continues…

  23. Nice hair cuts (your girls have such pretty hair!) It must make life easier for everyone.

    Glad that Year 1 is turning out well. It’s nice when they find a sport they are into, definitely gives them a bit of extra confidence, as well as being enjoyable in itself.

  24. Oh Sam, enjoy the small appetites while they last. I remember comparing shopping bills last year with my ex-partner, who had two under 7s, and feeling like a complete spendthrift because ours was so much higher. And that’s just with girls!

  25. Ah yes, love Mel’s family updates too! Your toddler is too cute saying that Peppa gives her a headache!! I’ll bet your little man will be adding more than 10% to the bill in a few years time – I am dreading the teenage years with two boys – I think they will eat us out of house and home!! Nice update hon X

  26. I am glad you liked this idea, hun! Every month, it is my favourite post as it has all the cute little things I want to remember. I love the ‘Family Update’ title. Keep watching my posts; the next one might be called just that 🙂 Elsa is very much the star in this house, too! Our toddler can be really rough in her gentle attentions towards her sister (the way she rocks the Moses basket definitely has to be monitored!).

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