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A Fabulous Night at the MAD Blog Awards

a-fabulous-night-at-the-mad-blog-awardsWarning: If you’re not a blogger, you will probably find this post a bit boring! 

Last night I attended the MAD Blog Awards. For those not in the know, the MADs is a parent blogging awards ceremony, put on by the lovely Tots100 team. I’ve been blogging for almost four years, and have looked on enviously at this do in the past. It always looked like so much fun, and now I’ve experienced it for myself, know that it indeed is.

So, I’m sat here writing this post, still wearing last nights dress. I’m ignoring my kids while they watch endless Paw Patrols on Netflix, and it’s far too early to think, let alone write, given the ridiculous amount of booze that I consumed. Oh, and I’m seriously in the dog house with my husband, for not coming home last night.

BUT…I did have a brilliant time, until passing the point of no return…  

mads-collageMy highlights from the MAD Blog Awards

Top of the list was that I finally got to meet lots of awesome bloggers who I’ve only chatted to online previously. Thankfully I had some good chats with Charlotte, Alison, Detrice, Julia, Emily, Sarah, Hannah, Prabs and Talya while I was still lucid enough to hold a conversation.    

Getting to hang out with my blogging besties Mel and Ting without the kids in tow. As awesome as they are, it’s near on impossible to talk for more than a few minutes without being interrupted when they are around. One of the best things about blogging for me has been the amazing new friends that it’s brought to my offline world. Love you ladies! 

Eating a delicious meal while it was still hot. Not an every day occurrence.

Genuinely laughing out loud at Helen Lederer while she was introducing the nominees. Very funny lady.

Realising that the people with the saddest stories are often the most wonderful folk you will meet. 

Thanks so much to Sally and co for putting on a great night, and congrats to everyone who won (and didn’t win). Hope you had as much fun as I did ūüėČ

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