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50 Things that make Me Happy #50things

Here are 50 Things which make me happy. What makes you happy?

1. Having a decent night and everyone waking up in a good mood.

2. The cackling happy sounds of my girls laughing when they’re playing.

3. Watching my baby boy grow and transform each day into a toddler (toilet splashing and all!)

4. Knowing my hubby is doing well at work.

5. Having wonderful friends, who have been my pseudo family over the years.

50 Things

6. Having a great job which enables us to not have to skrimp and scrape.

7. Cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

8. Receiving my royalties each month, which is proof that my book Become the Best You is actually selling. Still blows my mind a bit.

9. Taking back control of my daughter’s health, and moving things in a positive direction, come what may.

10. Knowing we are going on holiday in a month’s time.

11. Feeling proud that I have been on the GAPS diet for a whole year, and seeing my health improve during this time. Watch this space for my next update, which might just be a vlog.

12. My blog, which is two years old next week.

13. Cooking with my girls (most of the time!)

14. Enjoying good clean food, and watching the kids enjoy it too.

15. Coffee, strong black organic coffee.

16. Child free dates with hubby, we’ve managed two long lunches this year so far thanks to my in-laws. Here’s to many more.

17. The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffee flavour choc bar, which quite simply tastes like heaven!

18. My two YouTube videos, can’t wait to film some more.

50 Things19. Hendrick’s Gin, love the stuff. Thank you to my dear darling friend who works for them and supplies us with freebies.

20. Watching awesome telly on Netflix.

21. Winning against the washing pile, sad but true!

22. Being told ‘I love you mummy’ – lovelies sentence ever.

23. Writing short stories.

24. Becoming real-life friends with other bloggers, they are a fab bunch.

25. Skype and Viber, which enable me to keep in touch with my far away friends.

26. This time of year when the sun is shining and lots of bank holidays are looming.

27. Watching my 5yo grow in confidence with her reading and writing. She is awesome!

28. Knowing that I have catch ups in the diary with several of my besties over the next couple of months.

29. Charity shop bargains, best one ever had to be my hardly worn Jil Sander winter coat. Retails for around ยฃ1000, I bought it for ยฃ7.99!

30. Home made treats, such vegan biscuits and frozen fudge bites. All free from gluten, dairy, grains and refined sugar.

31. Amazon Prime, we ordered something at 4pm on Tuesday and it arrived at 10:30am Wednesday. Amazing.

50 Things32. Using natural ingredients instead of chemicals, such as white vinegar instead of rinse aid for the dishwasher, and making my own mouthwash.

33. The way my boy looks at me when he’s breastfeeding. Our journey is coming to an end, and I intend to savour these last moments.

34. Eggs. Most nutrient dense natural food on the planet (providing you eat the yolk).

35. My bookshelves, which are chock full of incredible reads.

36. Coconut oil, I absolutely adore the stuff.

37. My lovely warm house. We got a big shock at how cold it is in a ‘normal’ house at the weekend when we stayed in an Air Bnb in Brighton!

38. Dragonfly Gunpowder Mint Green Tea, a lovely hot cuppa for when I’ve had my coffee quota.

50 Things39. Amazing neighbours.

40. Memories of far flung lands, and adventures had.

41. Knowing that I experienced so much life before having my kids, and never feeling that I’m missing out because of them.

42. Looking at the canvas collages we had made for each of the children on their first birthdays.

43. Watching Love Actually and Guy Ritchie films. A little guilty pleasure of mine.

44. Watching my little man walk further on his own each day. I think he’ll be running around by the time we go to Greece.

45. Listening to my fave lady, Beth Orton, on the stereo.

46. Enjoying the success of my friends, such as the incredibly talented photographer Martina, who took this gorgeous photo of Freddy when he was a week old.

50 Things47. Watching hubby work out. Exercise makes him so happy.

48. Having proper conversations with my 3yo, that girl amazes me every single day.

49. Comfortably fitting into my jeans and feeling good wearing them.

50. Finding gratitude in even the darkest moments. No matter how tough this motherhood lark can be, there is so much to be thankful for!

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  1. Thanks hon, this was one of my very favourite posts ever written x

  2. I do love a good list! I love no1 and 24. So true. Seems so long since I wrote my list. Thanks for joining in with #CountLuckyStars and hope to see you again on Tuesday 16th x

  3. Such a lovely list Renee! I particularly love the ‘winning at the washing pile’ one – I totally get that too! ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad that your clean eating is really helping you. I’ve been cutting out Gluten and Dairy for a few weeks now and it has made such a difference to how I feel. Next stop is sugar – I think that might be more difficult! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx #countluckystars

  4. Such a great #50things I especially like the charity shop bargain WOW!! You can truly see just how much you adore your children and how much they make you happy. We as parents have lots to be thankful for. #CountYourLuckyStars

  5. Mine too hon, really enjoyed writing my own and I’ve loved reading everyone elses xxx

  6. This has been my favourite blog tag ever I think as everyone’s answers have been completely different! A fab list lovely and adore the pics too. Thanks for linking to count your lucky stars xxx

  7. I love it Renee! Makes me happy just reading it. I love eggs too – totally underrated (not sure that’s the best example to pick out but there we have it!!). I can’t wait for Britmums too, it’s going to be amazing to finally meet you!! Loads of love xx

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  8. What a lovely list, so many great ones in here. I’m off to check out your book now, that must be a great feeling x

  9. Really loved writing it Sarah! Look forward to seeing you at BML xx

  10. I love these posts, and every one is so different its great to get to know the blogger and wow happy birthday for next week, I am going to brit mums too so excited, see you there x

  11. Do it, it was such a lovely post to write. Tweet me the link afterwards so I can have a read please ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Thanks so much Denise, loved writing this list!

  13. I know, she is awesome and not just because of that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yay you’re going to Brit Mums too, will defo see you there hon xx

  14. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. It’s the absolute best isn’t it xx

  16. Thanks so much Nikki, look forward to reading yours x

  17. Thanks so much Astrid! I’ve just nominated you for a lovely blog award, I hope you’ll join in ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. She really does have the most stunning voice. I would recommend her compilation album Pass in Time as a starting place hon xx

  19. Number 15 is an absolute mummy must isn’t it! I only know about three people that don’t drink it… what does that say?

  20. Love the stuff, and I’m even rather partial these days to just gin with loads of ice and freshly squeezed lemon (providing it’s Hendrick’s of course) x

  21. Can’t wait to meet you too Leigh! I have to say I enjoyed writing this post more than I thought I would, and it made me so happy afterwards xx

  22. It was lovely Karen x

  23. Really does hon x

  24. Thank you so much Tracey, I loved writing this. Gosh I feel a little emotional now. Hope you’re having a great weekend xx

  25. We really do my lovely, I honestly cannot wait to meet you in person. Hope you’re having a good weekend x

  26. Thanks so much Ashley!

  27. Sounds like we have quite a bit in common Debs! I’m going to look forward to following your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Thanks so much hon! Really enjoyed this and can highly recommend it xx

  29. Thanks Kim ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Thanks so much Ali, that’s lovely to hear. I’d be keen to know what she thought of the book if she does read it x

  31. They make a great little keepsake don’t they xx

  32. Isn’t it just the best thing to hear EVER?!

  33. I always reach for Love Actually when I’m not feeling well, I’m glad it helped you through a tough time x

  34. I really am drinking up every single drop of him Amy, sounds like you’re doing the same with your little girl too. Can’t wait to meet you at BML! Have a fab day xxx

  35. It’s the best herbal tea I’ve come across hon, absolutely delightful stuff… Amazon Prime is super awesome, but I have to say I was a little disappointed with what they have to offer streaming wise. Lots of their films are chargeable but then I guess they need to make ยฃยฃยฃ somehow!

  36. Thanks Katie! It was a lovely little exercise, that I’d highly recommend xx

  37. Thanks so much hon x

  38. Here here Izzie, it’s a good thing to do from time to time xx

  39. Loving your list of things that make you happy. Here’s to counting our blessings and making the most of life x

  40. It is so lovely to see so many of these lists floating about – and yours is no exception. Great read. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  41. What a lovely post and gorgeous pictures. Isn’t it lovely to reflect on all the happy things in our lives?! xx

  42. That green tea sounds so good! And Amazon Prime is the best. We stream from it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Ah you did it! Lovely list, I canโ€™t imagine how it feels getting your money through each month from book sales-I hope I can add that to my own list one day.

    Couldnโ€™t agree more with number 33 at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Really, really hope to meet you at Britmums! xxx

  44. Thank you very much for the tag! What a feelgood list, it makes me happy just reading it. And I love Love Actually! I watched it on repeat when I was very poorly in hospital a few years ago and it was perfect escapism. I owe a lot to that film : )

  45. Lovely read! I love coconut oil too since I was a kid! My grandma apply that on my hair! And the ‘i love you’ from my son is just a day saver =)


  46. Great I love these posts and I love your list! I also did first birthday canvas’s and love Amazon prime! I can relate to a lot of your list and was nodding along the way ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  47. What a lovely positive post. I’m quite an optimistic person so love reading things like this, I’ve got a friend who’s starting on a new career path as a life coach & has had a pretty crap childhood so was telling her about your book. She needs inspiration! #pocolo

  48. Such a beautiful and positive list hon!xx

  49. What a great list!

  50. Hi Renee,I found myself nodding at a few of the things on your happy list. The sound of children laughing is always wonderful, but the sound of your own children laughing is the best.

    I’ve only recently discovered organic coconut oil and I love it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and I love the smell.

    I also love eggs. Boiled, poached, fried, scrambled. Any which way really.

    And watching a child watch you as they breast feed is special. I can still remember holding on to those moments and feeling sad as they came to an end.

    You have loads to be happy for. And enjoy your holiday…Hope little one isn’t running by then!

  51. I’m loving the positivity of all these happy posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. What a wonderful list! You are great at doing these! I can’t wait to meet you at Britmum’s…we have soooo much to talk about!!

  53. This is such a gorgeous list – it made me feel a warm inside as well as a bit teary *sill, I know* because of the contentment and happiness oozing from this.
    Being happy, or finding happiness, can be harder than it looks at times because real life can throw all sorts of curve balls, but the things that matter make us most happy,
    Lovely post xx

  54. Lovely list! It’s good to stop and do this, I think. Makes you appreciate things x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  55. What a lovely way to remind you of all the wonderful things in your life! x

  56. Ooh I love these lists. They make me smile, and they give an insight into the person behind the blog. Jealous about your Hendricks freebies! Awesome about the book royalties, I’m so proud of you. So looking forward to meeting you at BritMums, too xx #TheList

  57. Lovely list, and there’s nothing quite like a gin and tonic ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Aw, what a lovely list. Totally with you on number 15! #pocolo

  59. I love these lists! They help to really get to know someone! I love one of Beth ortons songs and I may have to go and have a look now! Lovely list xx #wotw

  60. Wow, this is a lovely list! I so want to carry over this meme to my blog. I guess it’d brighten up even a dark day. Congrats on being on the GAPS diet for a whole year! I didn’t know you could have coffee with that.

  61. what a lovely list. Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for tagging me, would love to have a go. Had not heard of this before.

  62. I love your list – what a varied selection of happy things and so interesting to read. “I love you Mummy” is definitely the loveliest sentence in the world and winning against the washing pile makes me happy too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. What a lovely list! So many wonderful things.

  64. Woah you have a friend who works for hendricks?! I am so jealous. Look forward to meeting you at britmums! Xx

  65. Love your charity shop bargain. And I do love hearing cool music from the past, two big pluses.

  66. Lovely. you have made me want to write one. I feel like I will sigh with satisfaction at the end

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