Month: October 2019

Will XR fix our broken society?
Mental Health

Are Extinction Rebellion the Solution to Fixing Our Broken Society?

Extinction Rebellion are back in the headlines, reminding us about the climate emergency our government has declared. I’m beginning to think XR might be the best hope we have for fixing our broken society. This is a topic I’ve written about at length over the years. Logical fixes from my perspective include tuning out to […]

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intention setting relationships

How Blogging Has Changed For Me (2010-2019)

When I wrote the first posts on my little food blog back in 2010, it was purely for fun. An easy way to share recipes with friends who had asked for them. There was no agenda, no hoping it might lead somewhere else. I didn’t spend a single moment wondering who might read those blogs, […]

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Deactivate Facebook
Mental Health

How to Deactivate Facebook and Why I Can’t Recommend Doing it Highly Enough

My recent decision to deactivate Facebook came hot on the heels of watching The Great Hack – which delves into the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I now view the “harmless fun” of social media in a totally different way. We are mere data points to these giants – to be sold to and manipulated. Coming off […]

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