Month: June 2015

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Mental Health

Are We Our Own Harshest Critics?

Our own harshest critics: judgement I’ve heard the J word so much since becoming a mum, and have often felt that other women think I’m judging them for their choices. That I’m some kind of supermum that has it all sorted, and by default that means I look down at what they do. First of […]

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aliens love underpants at the rose theatre
Travelling, Days Out and Child Friendly Events

Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose Theatre #ad

Review: Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose Theatre Back in the days when I had a social life, I used to adore going to the theatre. Being a London dweller I would go and see live shows as often as some people go to the cinema. I have always been impressed by how much so […]

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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

An Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Gorgeous Roidal Bikini #ad

The lovely people at UK Swimwear asked if I would like to review a Roidal bikini. Normally my approach to reviews goes a little something like this: Will I get good use out of it? if yes, I’ll do a happy dance and accept the offer, if no I’ll politely decline. It wasn’t so straight […]

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Autism Parenting

Please Excuse Me while I Navigate this Minefield known as Autism

Diagnosis welcome, but terrifying Now we must educate ourselves Arm our family with the tools we’ll need to survive At least we know what we’re up against now An explanation for the meltdowns Sensory overload, filters jumbled A reason why she doesn’t sleep Does not make it easier though Especially when she’s being cruel to […]

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Help ActionAid Put an End to Female Genital Mutilation #endFGM

  When ActionAid recently went to a remote part of Kenya they met Pauline, 15, who told her utterly compelling and yet terrifying story about her experience of FGM and forced marriage. Pauline was keen to speak out and is really passionate about spreading the word. She was only ten when she got the cut […]

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