Year: 2015

paleo nut free chocolate cupcakes
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Paleo Nut Free Chocolate Cupcakes (GF, DF, RSF)

These paleo nut free chocolate cupcakes are so moreish, but be warned, one is never enough! We made a wonderful group of friends when we did NCT classes during my first pregnancy. Six odd years (and twelve kids between us) later, those friendships are still going strong. We don’t get to see each other nearly […]

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low sugar paleo gingerbread
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Low Sugar Paleo Gingerbread Cookies (GF, DF, RSF)

These low sugar paleo gingerbread cookies are the perfect pick me up with a cuppa, and are sweetened with just one tablespoon of honey per batch (of 12). Using ground almonds and spices, these moreish treats are so easy to make that my 6yo daughter can pretty much knock them up all by herself. There really is no excuse to not get […]

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Mental Health

Would You Feed the Trolls?

My publisher asked me to write some guest posts to go out to high profile blogs in the run up to Become the Best You being relaunched this week. I dutifully did so, even though time is sparse and it always takes longer than you think to write these things.  I was thrilled to be given the […]

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life is hard but I am grateful
Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Life is Hard, but I am Grateful

“Have you seen the news?” Like lots of others this morning I woke up to news that felt like a sucker punch to the belly. As I’ve done so many times in the last twenty years, I did a quick mental tally and my thoughts drifted to those who might be affected. Facebook now has a function that […]

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Autism Parenting

Why my Daughter Did Not go Back to School After Half Term

Every home educating family has a story to tell. Some felt so strongly about wanting their children to learn at home, that they never sent them to school, even for one day. Some got as far as nursery but had a hunch that school would be too much. Others, like us, sent their child(ren) to school in good […]

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