Year: 2014

10 days to a less defiant child
Autism Parenting

10 Days to a Less Defiant Child – Part One

Anyone regularly following this blog will know that my hubby and I have had our hands full with our eldest daughter for quite some time. At 5½ she’s a tricky little customer. She’s difficult to please and prone to focusing on the negative. She is explosive and frequent temper tantrums and outbursts of violence have been too often on […]

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written in the stars
Unsugar Coated Motherhood

The Year That Was: Highlights of 2014

January: I finished work the day of my Xmas lunch, six weeks ahead of my due date with baby boy so started the year on a real high. I had two new year’s resolutions: write the book and stay sane. I got off to a flying start (thanks mainly to 2yo still napping daily) and wrote […]

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Paleo Roast Turkey
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Paleo Roast Turkey and all the Trimmings

We had an amazing meal of paleo roast turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas day last year I sourced a local free range bronze feathered bird which was utterly delicious and well worth the leg work. The gravy making was a fairly laborious task, but the flavour was amazing and worth every second. I […]

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mental health
Mental Health

The Dreaded B Word #BullyingAwarenessWeek

Bullying is the one thing that terrifies me to my core as a parent, probably because it’s a subject matter very close to my heart. I went to eight different schools when I was growing up, and suffered quite bad bullying at the last two I attended. More so than the name calling, spitting and […]

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having three kids
Unsugar Coated Motherhood

The Truth About… Having Three Kids

I know I’m new at this triple parenting malarkey, but I thought I’d share some insights about having three kids nine months in… – most people will be shocked that you are expecting a third baby, especially as your second is only 15 months old. The only friends that are truly happy to hear your news […]

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