advice to my younger self

Advice to My Younger Self / Happy 40th Birthday to Me

It’s my 40th birthday next week and I’ve collected a helluva lot of advice to my younger self over the years. It seems apt to share what I see as the most life–changing, much of it from counselling and therapy sessions. I hope you take at least one new and positive thing from this list. I’m keeping this piece fairly concise, but there are lots of links contained to more in-depth articles. Click on the coloured text to learn more. If you have any stellar words of wisdom to share, tweet me @mummytries Advice to my younger self, in no …

Cash Carraway Skint Estate

Review Skint Estate by Cash Carraway

I was honoured when Cash Carraway asked me to read her debut memoir, Skint Estate, ahead of publication. I’ve known Cash blogging for about five years, and have followed her journey in awe. From middle class Aga and Le Cruset living, to women’s refuges and mind blowing bullying on social media. Cash is, and has been, many things. Ultimately though, she’s a single mum, in broken Britain, trying to give her daughter the best possible life. Who can argue with that? Skint Estate Review Cards on the table: Skint Estate is not a book I would normally read. A lot …

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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Everything I Thought I Knew about Teaching Kids Respect was Wrong. Here’s What I’ve Learnt During a Decade of Parenting

Before I became a parent, I thought I knew everything about teaching kids respect. When my kids were really small, my views were still pretty much the same. I don’t know if it’s the era we’re living in, my decade of experience as a parent, or a combination of both that have changed my views. Whatever the reasons, I now see most of the traditional respect-teaching methods as pointless, at best, and outright damaging at worst. Let me bust some popular myths for you. Myth 1: Above all else, we must teach our girls to respect themselves While I agree …

Dear Polly
Autism Parenting

Dear Polly, Now You Are Ten

Dearest Polly, You’ve felt like this day would never arrive, but it’s here. You’re ten now – the big double digit birthday all your friends have been excitedly chattering about for too long. Unlike other birthdays, where you’ve simply been excited, ten has brought with it a mixed bag of emotions. Like you’re desperate to grow up, but don’t want to, all at once. You’re not quite sure what’s lurking around the corner, and as someone who likes to know what’s going on in advance, this is causing your mind to go into overdrive. I’m writing you this letter because …

how to make deodorant
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

How to Make Deodorant and Other Zero Waste Eco Friendly Toiletries

I’d been playing around with eco deodorant for years, and in 2016 stopped using it altogether. Which was fine. Until a combination of a heat wave and stressful time led to sweating much more than usual and needing a little help. (Who knew the scent of sweat changes when we’re stressed?) Or as my dear friend Nic put it: “Ren, I love you, but you stink.” Good job I love her just as much. So began playing around with various recipes and learning how to make deodorant. Since then I’ve perfected my winning deo formula, which genuinely works, which I’ll …