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Family Update: April 2015

Family Update: April 2015

F @ 14 months http://mummytries.comF @ 14 months
– he can walk all by himself! After months of crawling, cruising and climbing, the wee fella is finally on his own two feet. It’s been wonderful watching him totter around the place, getting more and more confident with each day that passes.

– his new obsession is putting his hands down the toilet. He has a remarkable knack for knowing when he can get away with it, and quick as a flash he is there. Splashing around in the murky water with a look of sheer elation on his face. I feel bad taking his fun away but this is where I draw the laid back parenting line.

– sleep has completely and utterly gone to pieces, and he is up five, six, seven times every night wanting milk. After our holiday to Greece next month I’m taking the boobies away. Sob. He is going to hate me!

C @ 3y 2m http://mummytries.comC @ 3y 2m
– she is loving nursery and has made lots of little friends. She skips there and skips back beaming her beautiful smile. She doesn’t like the food though, which I’m taking as a massive compliment because she prefers my cooking.

– she started gymnastics ‘my nastics’ after Easter and got stuck straight in. She has been wowing me this week with her downward facing dog and other yoga moves that she’s learnt there.

– she’s much less heavy handed with her brother now, and often they play really nicely together. We got a taste of summer the other day and got the paddling pool out, they had such a fab time splashing around.

P @ 5y 9m http://mummytries.comP @ 5y 9m
– she really enjoyed the break from school and has found it hard going back. We’ve incentivised the good nights sleeping with 50p in the morning and pancakes for breakfast. She’s always up at least once or twice, but if she goes straight back to sleep she still gets her reward.

– her reading is amazing, and she’s very proud that she’s now on the green books at school. She came out with this the other day which made hubby & I giggle. β€˜ When I’m reading my book it’s like the words are speaking in my head.β€˜

– she is super excited about our forthcoming trip to Greece, and keeps asking if the ‘holiday house’ will have a garden bigger than ours.

Andy & ReneΓ© 12 April 2015Andy & I
– we had a blissful child free day while the folks were on babysitting duty last weekend. It was great to reconnect and recharge the batteries.

– we enjoyed a glorious day out to the Horniman museum on the last day of the Easter holidays. It’s become a little family tradition of ours, we went to The Science Museum on the last day of the Easter hols last year, and the V&A on the last day of the Xmas hols. It’s nice to carry it on.

– we’ve worked our way through Better Call Saul and the Fargo TV Series this month. Gotta love Netflix! Rock n’ roll…


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  1. There really isn’t hon πŸ™‚

  2. awww bless .. there will truly be no stopping him now! lol

    Sorry i am late but thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. That’s great news Jenni, I’m really pleased that things worked out so well for you guys. We weaned F off at night in January, but slipped into the habit of feeding again when we all got sick in Feb… fingers crossed it’s not too difficult this time round, I have a feeling it might be though…

  4. Noooooo, and I thought the toilet splashing was a boy thing! Tee hee, gotta love these quirky little kids xx

  5. Fargo was brilliant wasn’t it Karen, loved it and am looking forward to series two.

  6. We loved Breaking Bad, apparently they are making a new series which is pretty exciting! Netflix seems to be a winner, don’t feel like so much of a saddo now πŸ˜‰

  7. From what I can gather the toilet obsession seems to be a boy thing, I gather yours loved the loo as well? I’m sure he’ll get bored soon enough xx

  8. They really do, and it just goes to show all the toys in the world do not compare to putting your hand down the toilet and having a good old splash πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks so much Grainne, he’s pretty impressed with himself bless his heart!

  10. It’s not as racy as Breaking Bad, or have the eye candy of Jesse (swoon) but it’s very good, watchable TV – I’d defo recommend it xx

  11. I popped over to your blog and read about your poor hubby’s accident! Hope he’s on the mend real soon Afra x

  12. Thanks so much Joy!

  13. Thanks so much hon, I’m sure the sleep situation will improve after Greece (she says crossing fingers) xx

  14. I’m exactly the same Iona, we’re definitely a family that counts down til the next school holiday rather than wishing they could go back sooner. I’m sure you’ll get used to it all pretty quickly, but it’s certainly bittersweet when they start to grow up xx

  15. Thank you!

  16. Ahhhh thanks my darling, couple time really does rock xx

  17. I thought you’d like my nastics hon πŸ™‚

  18. Hope you had a great date night hon, they are awesome aren’t they πŸ™‚

  19. Thanks so much hon, I really enjoy writing these posts xxx

  20. Tee hee! You get used to it John. Although now little man is on his feet, I’m not looking forward to taking all three to the playpark!

  21. Oh to have a child free day! Looks like you made the most of it. As a dad oftwo, I must say my mind boggles at dealith with three! #MagicMoments

  22. Fab family update Renee – love reading how your three are getting on and that you include one for you as a couple too; so important to have that time together (which reminds me we need to have a date nite soon). Gorgeous photos and congrats to the little one for getting on the move! Thanks for sharing this lovely post at #sharethejoy this week x

  23. Thanks Jess, I’m dreading it tbh but certainly at night, it needs to happen for all our sakes xx

  24. It’s a great one, it started at the Natural History Museum Xmas ’13… Need to work out where to go next…

  25. Thanks so much Izzie, fingers crossed! Wouldn’t it be amazing if the weather was here to stay xx

  26. Thanks so much hon x

  27. Ooh I’ll have to check it out, thanks hon!

  28. Thanks for popping by Martyn πŸ™‚

  29. Aw awesome round up. Love these kind of post. Lol nastics bless them. #ftmob

  30. Sounds so nice! I love netflix too and their anime show are what I am binging on =) #magicmoments

  31. What a lovely idea to do round-ups like this. Will be such amazing memories for you in years to come. Lovely idea.

  32. It’s so lovely to read about your children’s progress. I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up! Here’s hoping the summer is fabuous and they’ll be able to make the most of the paddling pool x

  33. Love the tradition of a museum on the last day of the holidays! #SharetheJoy

  34. “My nastics” – love that! Oh no, can’t believe the toilet thing! Loved reading about your growing family, hope you sort the baby sleep thing soon. It’s sad to give up the boob but it does give you a new lease of life, I find. xx

  35. What a gorgeous round up, your kids are gorgeous and so clever too-love ‘nastics’ and how stunning is that pic of you and your man, couple only time is so fabulous isn’t it x

  36. Wow your little ones are growing fast and sound like they’re making great progress. I’m looking forward to a night off, the kids are staying with my sister at the weekend, and the Hubby and I are going out. Our first date in months!

    Nothing wrong with Netflix hun, we love it too!

  37. Such a lovely update. Well done to F on walking by himself – lovely milestone – and so glad that C is loving nursery. I love “my nastics” – such an adorable way of saying “gymnastics”. P’s comment on reading is such a wonderful way to describe it and it sounds like she is doing really well. Glad that you enjoyed your child-free day too. Thank you for linking up to #ftmob again πŸ™‚

  38. Fab pics and great milestones too! #sharethejoy – have a great week xx

  39. We don’t have Netflix-I feel we’re missing out! Lovely to hear how everyone’s doing and I still find it a struggle to adjust after each holiday-I have to be honest and say I much prefer it when we’re all together. Goodness only knows how I’m going to feel come September when my son starts school too!! xx

  40. Lovely update, so nice to see how they are all getting on. Yay to the walking, the sunshine, the nastics and the reading, but not so much the broken nights… Hope they improve soon x

  41. What a beautiful family and a lovely update. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. Good luck with the stopping breastfeeding.

  42. what a lovely update. We love netflix too – keeping my husband sane while he’s stuck in his chair.

  43. Lovely update! Your kids are so cute and it’s great that you’re finding sometime for yourselves as a couple too. I’ve been wondering about ‘Better call Saul’ as we recently finished Breaking Bad – is it as good as that? Hope the sleep gets better soon! xx

  44. awe fab update and big yay for the walking, huge milestone! Gorgeous pics too, hope ye really enjoyed your break.

  45. Oh so many fab milestones! Woohoo on the little one walking! I was giggling at the thought of him running to the loos! Kids can find fun in the strangest of places.
    Green books!? How fab! You have a bookworm on your hands

  46. Oh no, not the blooming toilet. WHY?! I haven’t discovered Netflix. I don’t make the time to watch TV or films as much as I used to, which is a shame, as there is a lot out there which is excellent entertainment.

    Love ‘my nastics’ – how cute! Also, great news about your littlest one getting up and about. It must be so frustrating for them in the lead-up to walking, watching everyone else on their two legs whilst being marooned on their bellies or the edge of the coffee table. Fab times! xx

  47. Gorgeous children!

    Netflix is great, isn’t it? We’re currently working our way through Breaking Bad. It’s a good excuse to have a bit of time together when the children (finally) go to bed πŸ™‚

  48. Sounds like everyone is doing really well and fab walking, though maybe not the toilet splashing πŸ˜‰
    We have just finished watching Fargo too! πŸ™‚

  49. F.’s toilet shenanigans sound so familiar… Jumpy wets her hair with water from the toilet when we’re not looking!
    C. Looks so grown up in this shot, and so pretty, too! Butter wouldn’t melt.
    I love P.’s take on reading. Kids are amazing, aren’t they?
    Those little family updates are so enjoyable to read. xxx

  50. What a lovely post, I love reading updates like this.
    Oh no taking nighttime boobies away! That was difficult for us, me because I felt mean, my husband because he had to get up with Boo – but after a couple of nights we saw improvment and after two weeks we saw massive improvements – fingers crossed it goes ok for you too.

  51. Thanks so much Fiona, it really is the best bit of this parenting game! Have a lovely weekend πŸ™‚

  52. It’s great to see the three of them growing up and how they each take to the different stages in their lives. It’s great to see them playing together nicely and enjoying the sunshine in the paddling pool. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  53. Tee hee it’s a godsend isn’t it! I’ll def check out The Returned, thanks for the recommendation hon. Have a fab weekend xx

  54. Thanks Sarah, I think so but am very biased πŸ˜‰ hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

  55. Your children are gorgeous and it’s lovely reading about their progress with gymnastics and reading. I remember my daughter saying something similar about reading and hearing the words in her head πŸ™‚

  56. NETFLIX IS THE DREAM! We love the returned have you seen that? Amazing! And a child free day? Bliss x #countrykids

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