Bob the Builder to the Rescue

Bob the Builder to the RescueI feel like a bit of a broken record saying this, but it’s been another (sigh) super tough week here. Freddy came down with a fever last Monday night, and was off all day on the Tuesday. When I gave him his bath that evening I noticed a few spots and when he woke up on Wednesday they had multiplied considerably. By Wednesday evening he was covered in them – massive bright red blisters. It was the childhood rite of passage we all dread, but like to happen sooner rather than later: chicken pox!

Polly wasn’t looking or acting too hot either by this point, and Thursday afternoon saw her take herself off to bed for a three hour nap (absolutely unheard of, so she must have been ill). Friday was trying to say the very least, and Friday night was possibly our worst night on record. Seriously there are no words, and I’ll be haunted by the memories of it for some time. Having already had the pox twice, we’re unsure whether it was again or hand, foot and mouth this time. 

Same same but different as they say in Thailand, but I digress…

By Saturday morning Polly was covered in the same spots as the F, and because of her heightened senses (due to being autistic) it means she has an exceptionally low tolerance for pain. Thankfully we had some help over the weekend. My wonderful friend took the only well child for a sleepover on Saturday night; and my lovely mother in law came down for a few hours on Sunday so hubby and I could have some alone time to drink coffee and stare into space.

BtB three sectionsWhat’s all this got to do with Bob the Builder you might ask? Well in the midst of all this going on, the new BtB magazine landed on our doorstep courtesy of the fabulous Tots 100. To say it was a welcome sight would have been an understatement! My girls adore magazines, and whenever I have to go to the post office they love having a good nose at their selection. We always let them have one if we’re doing long train journeys or going on holiday, and have quite the collection of random toys that have come with various magazines over the years, which are very coveted.   

The three part Bob the Builder offering didn’t disappoint. The main magazine provided entertainment for Polly (6), the colouring supplement was perfect for Clara (almost 4), and Freddy (22m) thought Christmas had come early with his new toy hammer. All in all a big win, and I’d have gladly paid double the £3.99 price tag for the couple of hours joy that it brought to our house when we needed it the most!

Over to Polly who wanted to tell you all about it…

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4 Replies to “Bob the Builder to the Rescue”

  1. Sorry to hear this, it’s such a drain on the whole family isn’t it! Hope you have a well Xmas lovely x

  2. My smallest little man had hand, foot and mouth last month – horrific would be a good word to describe it I feel and It ended our breastfeeding in the process 🙁 Hope you have a better week. We’ve done the ChickenPox thing twice and have 2 more to go!

  3. It’s been a shocker Maddy, seriously challenging few weeks… I’m really looking forward to closing the door on this year tbh. Hope you’re all keeping well xxx

  4. Oh no! Chicken pox and/or hand foot and mouth times two! Sounds awful, poor you! Glad the mag helped – v cute to hear Polly speaking. xx

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